Expert Scientific Word/WorkPlace support from those who genuinely know
25 Years Product Experience

Unbeatable Expert Tech Support
and Consultancy Time

for Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook


At Scientific Word Ltd. we're specialists – not Jack of all trades. Our Unbeatable Expert Technical Support is what truly sets us apart from anybody else.

As UK distributors since 1990, supplying only the MacKichan range of products – Scientific Word, Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Notebook – all our Commercial and Educational, though not Student, systems come with our Unbeatable Expert Technical Support included free of charge (Fair Use small print here) for those who buy directly from ourselves or through our approved resellers. We guarantee standard customers a tech. support turnaround time of 24 hours, but the reality is often much quicker.

You certainly won’t get the same deal anywhere else, because our technical expertise is not available elsewhere – Dr Christopher Mabb has been demonstrating, selling and providing Technical Support exclusively for this family of software since Scientific Word Ltd. was established in 1990. A quarter of a century of experience ensures that you get the Expert Technical Support you need... when you buy Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook directly from us.

Even if you did not buy your software from us, you can still contact us to see if our Expert Consultancy Time is available; as an introductory offer to new customers, this is charged at just £165/hour (plus VAT).

We also offer a range of professional Training Courses – the various Training Course Options are described on our Training page .


If you need Expert Technical Support/Consultancy Time:

  1. First, read our Past Mailings page (opens in a new window) and search the topics: it's quite possibly an issue we've covered in one of the regular circular mailings we Email to our users.

  2. Second, check your problem against MacKichan Software's Technical website by clicking
    • here for v5.5: select from the options on the left (Installation, Word Processing, etc.) and read the problem descriptions on the right. There is also a Search facility at the bottom of the Support menu; or
    • here for v6.0
    (these open in new windows).

  3. If this still does not resolve your problem:

    Users who bought Scientific Word / WorkPlace / Notebook directly from us (Scientific Word Ltd.) or one of our approved resellers – excluding Student systems

    Our registered users should Email us, describing the problem and quoting their serial number, available from Help – System Features (v5.5) or Help – License Information (v6.0), for free Expert Technical Support. We guarantee standard registered users a turnaround time of 24 hours, but the reality is often much quicker.

    If you did not buy your copy of Scientific Word / WorkPlace / Notebook from us (Scientific Word Ltd.) – and Student systems

    As an introductory offer to new customers, our Expert Consultancy Time is charged at just £165/hour (plus VAT), with an initial time purchase of one hour. Please Email us, describing the problem and quoting your serial number (available from Help – System Features) together with when/where you bought the software. After verifying your system, we will Email you a link for payment by PayPal/credit card in advance.


Last Updated: 3rd July 2017