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April 2014

Christopher MabbFrom: Dr Christopher Mabb, Scientific Word Ltd.
To: Our Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook Technical Typesetting list


    Here's our Spring mailing, with lots of news and tips for you and all our Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook users:


  1. The enumitem package...    allows you to customize the space you want in numbered and bullet lists in a fairly straight-forward way. Take a look at enumitemtestAnnotated.pdf where (on pages 2 & 3) we've marked the relevant parameters. You can download the zip file containing the .sty file and the documentation here, but all you really need is to put enumitem.sty (right-click – SaveTargetAs) in the c:\swp55\TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX\contrib\enumitem\ folder (which you'll need to create) and then open our demonstration document enumitemtest.tex in Scientific WorkPlace (or for Scientific Word, read c:\sw55 in place of c:\swp55).
    The magic happens in the Typeset – Preamble:
    In this example, these lines define the three key parameters topsep, parsep and itemsep for Level 1 and Level 2 numbered lists (parskip is the usual space between paragraphs in body text). Of course, you can change the numbers to whatever you want.
    Don't forget you also have to add the enumitem package to a document in which you want to take advantage of this functionality: Typeset – Options and Packages – Package Options – Go Native – {enumitem} – OK – OK.

  2. Windows 7:    We've been asked more than once recently about upgrading to Windows 7. For example:
    "We have an academic that uses scientific word and has version 5.5.
    Unfortunately we cannot get it to work on Windows 7 which we have recently rolled out to the whole department."
    In our reply, we said:
    "...version 5.5 runs fine under Windows 7; please see the technical support information available at http://www.mackichan.com/techtalk/737.htm .
        We suspect you’ve got an old Build Number of v5.5, prior to the current Build 2960; you can check it from Help – About. In this case, you can solve the problem by following the instructions at Patch update 2960 for Version 5.5 . Alternatively, you can simply install Scientific Word again with the full v5.5 Build 2960 download from our v5.5 demodisk page at www.sciword.co.uk/demo.htm : Scientific Word is 73Mb. This is the full system when unlocked and registered using your permanent serial number. Be sure to keep a backup of your documents."
    Please just let us know if you have any problems.

  3. Version 6.0:     You'll remember we circulated the first Version 6.0 screencast as soon as it was released (see October 2013 Item 2). Following our conversation with Barry MacKichan last week – and hot off the press – we're pleased to invite you to watch the latest screencast (22 minutes).
    Don't be thrown by the first minute which, at the time of writing, is audio only (the titles have not yet been added in). Then watch out for:
    1. Great functionality of unlimited Undo/Redo – very impressive
    2. Access to any OpenType fonts on your system
    3. Creative use of Javascript substitutions
    4. Extremely useful ToC / navigation feature
    5. The ability to load the required packages directly from TeX Fields
    as well as a host of other new and upgraded features. Why not go there now and watch it straight away?

  4. Licence server (again):    Further to our February 2013 mailing (Item 2, bullet point 3): if you're installing a new Floating licence, or needing to move your licence server to a different machine, we recommend you ask us to generate the server licence file for you manually.

  5. Graphics to PowerPoint:    We had a very useful converation last month with a site in London who were looking for the best way to export maths graphics from Scientific WorkPlace to PowerPoint. The choice was between Edit – Copy Picture from the editing screen with View/Zoom set to 200% or greater (which was losing the font information unless the machine showing the PowerPoint presentation also had our Scientific Word/WorkPlace fonts installed), and using Tools – Select & Zoom – Snapshot Tool to copy from the Typeset – PreviewPDF.
    If copying from the editing screen, the font issue can be overcome by again cutting to the clipboard from PowerPoint and pasting in a second time:
    1. Select whole equation
    2. Copy from SWP as pic
    3. Paste into PP as pic
    4. Cut from PP
    5. Paste into PP as pic
    Of course, copying graphics from the editing screen will never give you the typeset-finished effect: you only get the beauty of LaTeX by compiling and producing the PDF (that's what Beamer is about). But the test results the user kindly sent us (with permission to circulate) demonstrate that either way can give a very acceptable output.
    Hopefully this will help other users too.

  6. Stata offer:    Metrika Consulting (our Nordic collaborator) is making a generous offer to all customers of Scientific Word Ltd. Stata is the program of choice for professional statistical analysis. Metrika Consulting was the first Stata distributor in the world and aims to offer the best prices in Europe – and they back it up with excellent expert technical support. They are now giving a 12.5% discount on their already low Stata prices to all customers of Scientific Word Ltd. if you buy Stata before May 30th 2014. Just enter the code SW140530 in the Comments box when you place your order (max: one order per person). For further information, please visit their website www.statanordic.com or send them an Email to info@metrika.se.

  7. Rubik's cube?    How would you like to have a party trick that will consistently amaze your friends?
    In December 1979, when Rubik's cube first came out, I was a Maths undergraduate at Oxford... it was the kind of thing we were interested in. So for that Christmas, I bought my Dad one of the first cubes; and over the next 4 days, I taught myself how to do it. At my best, I could do Rubik’s cube, every time, in under 90 seconds.
    My Dad died this year; he was one of the best Dads anyone's ever had. As a tribute to him, I created a video course on Udemy: "Rubik's cube Inside 3 Minutes" – with over an hour of close-up HD video, teaching the 10 Steps in slow motion. Simply scroll down to the coloured Rubik's cube graphic for the free promo video.
    And to get the ball rolling, we're offering everyone on the Scientific Word mailing list a 50% discount on my Rubik's cube course... on condition you leave a review (an honest one!) afterwards. Just click here for your special deal.


Thanks for reading! We send this mailing to our users every couple of months or so. But please just let us know if you no longer wish to remain on our mailing list.
Further news in the Summer, or to announce the release of version 6.0.


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