April 2016

Christopher Mabb From: Dr Christopher Mabb, Scientific Word Ltd.
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    This April mailing includes information about the changes to Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook in version 6.0.13. The inclusion of Inkscape is a significant change, making it simpler to create PDFs for documents containing WMF and EMF files; note that this significantly increases the download file size. MacKichan Software write:
This version now includes the open-source vector graphics editor Inkscape, for both the Mac and Windows platforms. We use this to convert Windows WMF and EMF graphics files for display and for PDF generation. Until this version, this was not possible on the Mac, and conversion of WMF and EMF files on Windows required installing a virtual printer driver that could not be installed by our installation problem.

This change means that the import of version 5.5 TeX files containing WMF and EMF graphics is now possible on the Mac, and much easier on Windows. It also allows the use of SVG graphics in all of our products. The installation of Inkscape is an option in our installation program, but we strongly recommend installing it unless you are certain that you will never need to display WMF, EMF, or SVG graphics files in your documents. This brings us much closer to our goal of making our documents platform independent.
We recommend you update to version 6.0.13, following the Installation instructions below.


  1. Version 6.0.13:    Other changes in this v6.0.13 release include:

    Thanks to the feedback from users, the products are steadily getting more robust. Please see Item 3 below...

  2. Installation Instructions:    The latest versions of Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook are always available from our Download page. We recommend accepting the default suggestions in v6.0.13 and selecting 'Upgrade' if your previous version was correctly installed.

  3. Feedback:    Compared to the mature v5.5, version 6.0 still has plenty of room for improvement. Only this week, an Annual Maintenance site forwarded feedback from one of their users, saying:
    I do not like the new version. I do not see any useful additions. Some things, that I knew how to do in the old version, I have to rediscover with the new one. It takes much time, and I do not see clear benefits yet.
    What do you think of the clear benefits? We’re interested in gathering your feedback for future development. Please let us know:
    1. How long have you had v6.0 installed?
    2. Do you prefer v5.5 or v6.0?
    3. What are the two or three substantive reasons for your preference (ie. not simply familiarity with v5.5 or novelty of v6.0)?
    4. Have you watched the version 6.0 screencasts to get started, available at https://vimeo.com/77359277 (20 mins) and https://vimeo.com/93167290 (22 mins: first minute audio only)?
    5. What are the two most useful new features/functionality you have found with v6.0?
    6. What are the two most pressing problems that you have in using v6.0?

    Thanks for your feedback – we appreciate it!

  4. Adding class files to TeXLive:    Please see our December 2015 mailing (Item 4) for information on adding other, known, TeXLive packages to your installation. These instructions are for adding typesetting specifications not known to TeXLive (eg. if created by your co-author):
    1. Save your class file NAME.cls and any additional .sty files in the c:\texlive\2015\texmf-dist\tex\latex\NAME\   folder using Windows Explorer    or 2016 (or later)
    2. Make sure your installation knows they are available, by updating its list of class files and packages. To do this:
      1. Either:
        • Open the TeXLive Manager by double-clicking the executable file tlmgr-gui.exe in the c:\TeXLive\2015\bin\win32   folder   [Hint: why not put a shortcut to it on your desktop?]    or 2016 (or later)
        • Click on Actions – Update filename database
        • Close the TeXLive Manager when it says Done
      2. Or:
        • Open a Command Prompt (Start – Programs – Accessories – Command Prompt)
        • Enter texhash <Return>
        • Close the Command Prompt when it says Done

    This adds the typesetting specifications contained in the .cls and .sty files to your v6.0 installation.

  5. Home use licences:    For home use attached to our campus-wide Site Licences, we supply renewable 12-month Fixed licences. Rather than run the risk of being locked out of Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook at a critical time if there is a delay obtaining your new licence, we recommend that users obtain a new 12-month licence at the 11-month mark; there is no downside to getting it early, apart from the slight inconvenience to the Licence Administrator of having to forward the licences a little more frequently.
    You can always check how long your licence has left to run from Help – License Information.

  6. Minitoc package:    Helping a v5.5 user in Algeria, we had occasion to spend some time with the minitoc package. This is documented at Help – Search – minitoc – minitoc package – minitoc package. The package allows you to have a Table of Contents and Lists of Figures/Tables not only at the start of the document, but also to have separate sub-Tables of Contents and sub-Lists of Figures and Tables at the start of each Part or Chapter.
    You can see the result here (see especially pp15-19 and pp31-35) and download the .tex file here (right-click – SaveAs).

  7. Licence files (again):    Most Fixed licences are used under Clause 2 of our Fixed Licence terms – in which case either of the possible locations for the licence file is fine; see our December 2015 mailing (Item 5) to refresh your memory about those locations.
    But for sites using the software under Clause 1 of the Licence terms, where several different people use the program at different times on the same computer, using the licence file location specific to the user would require a copy of the licence file to be put in the Profiles\[cht11msu].default\   folder for each user. In this case, the alternative location for the licence file will enable one licence file to serve all the users needing to have access to that machine at different times.


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