August 2018

Christopher MabbFrom: Dr Christopher Mabb, Scientific Word Ltd.
To: Our Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook Technical Typesetting list


    Here's some more news and technical tips to help you get the most from your Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook system.
    The latest version 6.0.29 includes with many updates listed below. We recommend you update to the current version when convenient; please be sure to follow the revised installation instructions (see Item 3 below).


  1. Version 6.0.29:    Here's the list of changes, updates and improvements in v6.0.29:

  2. TeX Live Manager:    We've seen the installation fail (we've only actually seen it fail on a Mac) because the TeX Live Manager Utility is out of date. When this happens the installation gives the error messages here and here. In this case:

    1. Close the installer (abandoning the installation)
    2. Open the TeX Live Manager Utility according to our May 2016 mailing Item 4; the location is given in the first point of the Windows/Mac section, as appropriate
    3. Follow the instructions to update the TeX Live Manager/Utility; it might help to see the screenshots linked in the final sentence of the December 2015 mailing Item 4
    4. Restart the Scientific Word/WorkPlace installation from Step 3 of the v6.0 installation instructions.

  3. Installation instructions:    We have updated our installation instructions to provide better information about Windows SmartScreen Defender, and to give a link to separate instructions for the manual installation of TeXLive which contain the information that:
    The file C:\texlive\tlyear on Windows (you can open it with NotePad) or the file ~/.tex/tlyear on a Mac (you can open it with TextEdit) will tell you which version of TeXLive Scientific Word/WorkPlace is using.
    The updated installation instructions cover the problem flagged up in our last mailing Item 2; however, manual installation of TeXLive should no longer be necessary since the release of v6.0.29.

  4. Beamer bullets:    A user at one of our Site Licences Emailed us describing the following problem:
    I use scientific workplace (5.5) and preparing slides for my presentation and facing some difficulty.
    I have attached the files. <snip> If you notice in the slides whenever I am trying to use bullets it's creating new slides.
    In our response we covered two separate issues:
    1. If you want the bullets to appear at the same time, then use the Bullet list item rather than Step Bullet List
    2. If you want some text in the frame before the bullet list then my samples provide that. For now, you can simply copy-and-paste from [BeginFrame] to [EndFrame] to copy those.
    [The Site Licence Administrator] has access to our v5.5 Training videos (check the topics here) and sections 5-8, 5-9, 5-10 deal with Beamer. So that might be useful for you as well.
    Those videos of the v5.5 Training Course, available free of charge with Annual Maintenance and Support Contracts, are available generally for £197 + VAT with Educational discount to £147 + VAT... and with a further £50 off when you buy them in conjunction with buying our software!

  5. Equation Editor:    If you've used Equation Editor, you'll probably already be aware that Equation Editor is no longer included in Microsoft Office (see here and here). A possible route for continuing to work with such documents would be to:

    1. Convert them from Word to .tex following the instructions in our June 2012 mailing Item 3, and then
    2. Either open those .tex files in Scientific Word/WorkPlace v5.5 or use File – ImportTeX to bring them in to v6.0.

  6. Live Training:    We drew your attention to it at the start of the last academic year too – please see our October 2017 mailing Item 7. And we're now taking bookings through to the end of this calendar year for our Live Two-Day Training Course in Scientific Word/WorkPlace v6.0.
    As well as training your people to a high level of competence, you'll get me on site personally for two days to deal with any technical or installation issues. And all for less than £1500 if you qualify for the small-group discount. Click here to find out if you do.


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