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December 2009

Christopher MabbFrom: Dr Christopher Mabb, Scientific Word Ltd.
To: Our Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook Technical Typesetting list


    Merry Christmas to you! We hope you'll have a great holiday, and find time over the break to celebrate with your family and friends the true meaning of Christmas - the birth of Jesus Christ!
    And, to help your turkey settle, here's some further news and technical information in the latest of our bi-monthly Emails:


  1. Adding theorem-like objects to a Scientific Word/WorkPlace document:    After a Scientific Word Training Course recently, one of the users Emailed to ask us how to proceed if the theorem-like objects you're wanting are not available in the particular shell document you started with. He wrote:
    The only problem I had was finding 'Theorem', 'Proposition', etc on the 'Item Tag popup list'.
    We replied that:
        The Item tag pop-up is blank when the use of such a tag would be inappropriate (eg. in a section heading). <snip> Where the cursor is when the document first opens, in the "About This Shell" section heading, if you click on the Item tag pop-up, the list will be blank; but if you use down-arrow to go to the text "This shell document", then the pop-up should be populated.
        It is possible to add other theorem-like objects to that Item tag list, using a command like
    in the Typeset - Preamble. Next time you re-load the document, mylemma will be available in the pop-up, with typeset appearance MyLemma, and numbered within the sections (eg. MyLemma 4.1 in section 4).
    We thought this tip would be particularly useful to others, since it covers both how to create a new theorem-like object, and also how to require that Theorems, Lemmas etc. are numbered within (ie. by reference to) the Sections or Chapters.

  2. Windows for the Mac:    From time to time we get enquiries from people keen to use Scientific Word, WorkPlace or Notebook, but who are committed to the Mac. We've recently become aware of two new Windows-emulators for the Mac, VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop. While we don't have experience of these two products ourselves, a useful link is VMware_Fusion_and_Parallels_Desktop . If anyone is using either of these pieces of software, do please let us know the results you've had so we can make the information available to our users. Many thanks.

  3. Correction to October 2008 mailing:    The first item in our October 2008 mailing (available at https://www.sciword.co.uk/mailings/ ) dealt with changing to Landscape mode (and back again) in the middle of a Scientific Word/WorkPlace document. We omitted to say that you should use Encapsulated TeX Fields in those instructions - otherwise you might find the rest of your document getting absorbed into the landscape TeX Field next time you reload the document (Thanks Mike!). Our apologies for any confusion and frustration this has caused.

  4. Windows 7 and XP Mode (optional):    A problem when using our software in Vista meant that 50% of the CPU could be taken up, even when no document processing was happening. After receiving our mailing in early November, one of the users who had discussed this with us previously Emailed to say:
    I recently installed Windows 7 Professional and I had the same problem with the CPU usage.
    Nevertheless, Windows 7 Pro have the featute "Windows XP Mode" so what I did, was to uninstall Word & Notebook from Windows 7 environment and install it in XP Mode.
    Now there is no problem any more with the extreme CPU usage.
    I forgot to mention that in order to be able to install XP Mode (only Windows 7 Pro & Windows 7 Ultimate) the PC must have "hardware virtualization capability" (http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/support/configure-bios.aspx).
    I am mentioning this because maybe some people will by Windows 7 for the XP Mode without their PC being able to run this technology.
    We're offering the above as additional information for interest's sake - the standard Technical Note for Windows 7 is as for Vista, available at http://www.mackichan.com/index.html?techtalk/737.htm .

  5. VAT:    The VAT rate returns to 17.5% from the beginning of January. Although we will be closed for Christmas from December 24th, we will re-open on December 31st. in order to process any orders received up until December 30th. Current pricing - with only 15% VAT - is available on our Licence Calculator at https://www.sciword.co.uk/pricing.htm .

  6. Referrals always welcome:    Just click the button below and enter the names and Email addresses of your science/maths-based colleagues, and they'll receive an automatic Email inviting them to our website. We won't even receive their name unless they choose to take advantage of our free 30-day demo and Email us to request an appropriate serial number. And they absolutely won't be added to any junk mail lists: please see our Anti-Spam policy .


    Thanks for reading this far. Do please remember that, as UK distributors since 1990, supplying only the MacKichan range of products, all systems (except Student versions) come with our matchless technical support included free of charge. We'll never rent or sell your contact details to anyone else - and we only Email the Scientific Word family every couple of months. But as always, if you no longer wish to remain on our mailing list so as to receive technical information and news of updates and developments, a simple Email reply to this effect will suffice.
    Merry Christmas - and a Happy New Year!


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