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December 2011

Christopher MabbFrom: Dr Christopher Mabb, Scientific Word Ltd.
To: Our Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook Technical Typesetting list


    Welcome to our Christmas mailing. More technical tips for getting the very best from your Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook system:


  1. Multiple graphics:    Back in the summer, someone asked us "how to plot a figure with 3 by 4 subfigures". We responded saying:
    ... we would recommend using a dummy 3x4 table (Insert - Table) and putting your graphics in the cells; see the 2x2 sample attached. If you require something more sophisticated, then you will need to use the subfig package: Help - Search - subfig - subfig package - subfig package and package documentation. However, this may well be a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
    To resize a graphic, right click on it, select Properties - Picture Properties - Scaling (and probably you'll want to select Maintain the aspect ratio).
    To add a caption saying Fig.1 or Table 1, you'll find the documentation in Help - Search - captions - captions - single caption for multiple figures. Please download the file and take a look; see the use of Properties - Layout - Placement - Inline Offset for vertical positioning.

  2. Beamer Authors:    A similar approach helped the academic who wrote:
    Hi. I would like to display multiple authors with different affiliations in the beamer.
    That is, author 1 and the affilation and then in the next line the second author and so on.
    I have a scientific workplace but I don't know how to do this.
    Thank you so much for your help in advance."
    We recommended that the easiest way would probably be to do it manually using a Table in the Front Matter; please see the file here. Look in Typeset - Front Matter, and then click on Typeset - PreviewPDF to see the result. Note also the use of Short Authors and Short Dates in the footer, as previously mentioned in our December 2010 mailing (Item 4).

  3. Missing dialog box:    This one was intriguing! An experienced user Emailed:
    "Sorry to trouble you again, but I appear to have lost the ‘Replace’ dialog in Scientific Word. Although the ‘Find’ command still works as expected, when I try to do a ‘Replace’ no dialog appears, the insertion point vanishes, and I can do nothing until I hit the Escape key."
    We were at a loss - until our friends at MacKichan Software diagnosed the problem:
    I think it is highly unlikely that only one dialog is damaged. My guess
    is that the dialog has been moved so it's not visible.  This explains
    the behavior where nothing happens until Esc is pressed (which closes
    the dialog). Try moving the dialog: Use Edit, Replace (or the replace
    icon) to open the dialog.  Then use Alt+Space to open the dialog's menu.
    Press M to select move and then use the arrow keys and/or mouse to
    move the dialog until it is visible.
    A happy user replied:
    "Yes!!!! ... Don't know how it got there, but the dialog was way off the screen. Many thanks"

  4. Plot label font:    Someone with a New Zealand Email address contacted us via our page at http://www.scientific-workplace.com/ asking
    "How can I insert labels onto graphs generated by the plot command, so that different equations plotted can each carry a label in Latex text with the same appearance as in the main body of my document?"
    It's a great question - and one we cover in our Standard Training Course:
    Thanks for your question. You'll find useful information in our July 2010 circular mailing (Item 4), available to our users at https://www.sciword.co.uk/mailings/July2010.htm . You will then also want to click the Font dialog, and select cmr10 as the font to match the body text, using whatever point size your document is using (Typeset – Options & Packages – Class Options – Modify – Body text point size). Please also see the sample attached.
    We recently set a policy of offering our professional Scientific Word/WorkPlace Training Courses anywhere in the world for the same price as in the UK. Maybe we'll be going to New Zealand soon...

  5. List of packages:    One of our influential University sites with a campus-wide licence asked us about adding packages (.sty files) to the list available in Scientific Word/WorkPlace when you click on Typeset - Options and Packages - Package Options - Add:
    "I wondered whether you had received any queries from customers having difficulties adding the package called ‘pgf’? From looking into this problem, the information I have read indicates that newer versions of pgf are not compatible with Scientific Workplace.  The pgf directory is available as part of the SWP program installation (C:\swp55\TCITeX\LaTeX\contrib\pgf) however, it is not available to add to the document (via Typeset | Options and Packages)."
    In our response, we separated out the two parts to the question:
    1. First, pgf not appearing in the list of packages. If you look in c:\swp55\Typeset you’ll find the three files that govern the behaviour of class options and packages. Open classes.pkg with, say, WordPad, and – for article class documents – find the section headed [article]. On a new line, add pgf to the list of packages available in article class documents. Next time you click on Typeset – Options and Packages – Packages Options – Add, you’ll see pgf in the list. The two .opt files in this folder provide class options and package options. [For information, you could in any case add the pgf package to your document by clicking on “Go Native”, even if it was not showing as available in the list, as long as it is present on the computer.]
    2. Second, whether the pgf package works with Scientific WorkPlace. I don’t know the package, but will happily look into whatever it’s supposed to do and is not doing if you let me have a document that’s trying to use it.
    If any of our users have documents making use of the pgf package, we'd be interested to hear from you.

  6. Version 6.0:    is coming soon! No promises - but MacKichan Software are including this flyer with all v5.5 boxes currently shipping; similar information is available in the AMS Notices page at http://www.ams.org/notices/201201/rtx12010cov2p.pdf .
    When version 6.0 systems are available, all our Annual Maintenance scheme customers will receive preferential shipment from the first batch arriving in the UK. Our other users will receive prompt notification by Email, together with the pricing structure for upgrades. And we'll be supplying free upgrades to all those who have bought version 5.5 in the past three months... Please be patient!

  7. Merry Christmas!    The hymn writer Charles Wesley summed up the mystery in just nine words:
    Our God contracted to a span,
    Incomprehensibly made man.
    We wish you a peaceful holiday, celebrating the birth which divided history into Before and After.


    Thanks for reading. We Email the Scientific Word family every couple of months. Please just let us know if you no longer wish to remain on our mailing list. More news and tips in the New Year!


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