December 2016

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    We promised you last time that we'd be in touch again by the time Santa was on his way. So with the turkey cooking, here's our latest collection of news and technical tips.
    The current version of Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook is v6.0.21; we recommend you update to the current version if your system is earlier than v6.0.19 (the installation instructions are here).


  1. Version 6.0.21:    The changes in v6.0.21 are:

  2. BibTeX style problem:    Sometimes after changing the bibliography style, the bibliography comes through empty and the citations are shown as ?. The easiest solution is simply to delete the BibTeX TeX Field, insert a carriage return after the last paragraph, and then re-do the BibTeX box. To demonstrate the problem, we've put a sample v6.0 .sci document here:
    1. Right-click – 'Save target as' to download the document to \SWDocs or \SWPDocs
    2. Open it in Scientific Word/WorkPlace v6.0
    3. The document cites four references from the tugboat, typeset and xampl database files, and uses the BibTeX style file Acm to produce the PDF
    4. Check you get the PDF BibTeXTestAcm.pdf when you click PDF Preview
    5. Right-click the BibTeX grey box – Properties – BibTeX bibliography Properties, and scroll down the left hand column to the bottom to see that the three database files containing our references are selected
    6. It's harder to see that the style file Acm is selected (right hand column), except that it's the one that can't be selected, since it's already active
    7. Now try changing the style file (right hand column) to Imac, and click OK. Then clicking PDF Preview should give you BibTeXTestImac.pdf. Instead it produces a blank bibliography with ? for citations – see BibTeXTestError.pdf
    8. Follow the instructions at the top: delete the BibTeX TeX Field, insert a carriage return after the last paragraph of text, and then re-do the BibTeX box (Insert – Typeset Object – Bibliography)
    9. Select the tugboat, typeset and xampl databases to interrogate to find our references (left hand column), and the Imac bibliography style in the right hand column
    10. PDF Preview will now produce the correct output BibTeXTestImac.pdf.

    And, of course, the purpose of changing the bibliography style: note the difference between the two PDFs in both the ordering of the bibliographic references and their appearance.

  3. New videos:    We've put some v6.0 demonstrations videos on our pages about Scientific Word, Scientific WorkPlace, and v6.0 New Features.
        If you've not yet taken the plunge, maybe seeing these videos will persuade you to change up to v6.0! Please watch in HD and full screen mode (at the bottom right of the videos).

  4. Installation locations:    A user who's been with us for nearly 20 years Emailed recently, saying:
    When I installed SW v6.0.7, an option was given for the choice of file location. As I usually utilise this option, the files were placed into C:\Scientific Word 6.
    With SW v6.0.18, this option did not seem to be available and the files located themselves into C:\Program Files (386)\MacKichan and did not remove the earlier installed version. I have a feeling that this should not happen as effectively this now has two full instalments.
    We thought this was worth pursuing with the developers; and they replied:
    With regard to the 6.0.7 installation, removing the folder is sufficient.
    The choice dialogs were removed because most users did not like wading through all those dialogs, and most just took the default choices anyway. We have given some thought to hiding them behind a standard/custom installation choice, but no decision has been made about that.
    The choice between having more or fewer options is really a trade off between choice/control and ease/convenience. If you have a preference either way, we'd love to hear – and we'll pass our users' feelings back to those who write the code.

  5. Version 6.0 Training:    If you haven't yet mastered all the exciting new capabilities of v6.0, don't forget that our Standard Two-Day Training Course covers everything that most users will ever need to know: the v6.0 Course Summary is here. As well as training your people to a high level of competence, you'll get me on site personally for two days to deal with any technical or installation issues.
        Since Training is priced in pounds sterling, it hasn’t gone up with the falling value of the pound (while for our friends in Europe and elsewhere it will actually be cheaper!) – and any Training Courses you book before the end of the year will be at 2016 prices as long as they're taken in the first 3 months of next year. What a great use of your training budget...

  6. Three part table:    The three part table allows you to have notes (including footnotes) laid out flush beneath a table. The effect is shown in Tables 2 and 3 of the PDF here.
        Most users will never need to do this – but for those who do, we've put the v6.0 document here for you to download, from which you can save the fragments to your system. We expect this will be useful for several of you; please remember to check the threeparttable package is added to your document.

  7. Einstein proves Santa is real:    If you've ever had any doubts, the science will convince you!
    When Dr Sheen was seven years old she wrote a letter to Father Christmas asking why he never got any older. She received a response in shaky handwriting telling her it was 'all magic'. But the budding physicist was not convinced and wanted a rational explanation – which 26 years later she has now found.
    Remember you heard it from us first. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a visit from the man himself!

  8. Peace and Joy:    In an increasingly uncertain world, we wish you peace and joy this Christmas as you celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Prince of Peace.
    "The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognise him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God." (John 1vv9-12)
    Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a visit from the man himself... 


Thanks for reading; more news, tips and information in 2017!

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