February 2017

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    Here's some further news and technical tips to help you get the best from your Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook system.
    The current version is v6.0.24. The changes below are relatively minor, but you may wish to update to the current version if any of these fixes are relevant to you (the installation instructions are here).


  1. Version 6.0.24:    The changes in v6.0.24 are:

  2. Version 6.0.23:    The changes in v6.0.23 are:

  3. Version 6.0.22:    The changes in v6.0.22 are:

  4. Master/subdocuments:    In a recent v6.0 Training Course a question arose about creating large documents as master documents and subdocuments to save processing time (ie. so you don't need to compile the whole book when you're just editing one of the chapters). To show how to do it, Barry MacKichan has produced this demonstration video.
        Note: you need to have first closed and re-opened the document before following these steps. Please see our sample book document booksubdocuments.sci, in which Chapter 2 and Appendix A have, as it were, been commented out (as described in the video): the headings remain, to ensure the numbering is correct, but the text is omitted. The PDF is here.

  5. Still not upgraded?    One of our early users from 1993 was in touch last month with a confession:
    I hope I don't shock you, but I have not, so far
    upgraded to version 6. There never seemed to be time!
    (I also like 5.5.) Before I do upgrade, I was just wondering two things
    1) can existing swp documents (produced on
    version 5.5) be opened/edited without problems in
    version 6 or is some conversion necessary?
    2) can versions 5.5 and 6 both be installed and
    used on the same computer?
    These are good questions we expect anyone who's not yet made the switch to v6.0 might be asking. We replied:
    <snip> The answers are No and Yes.
    Yes, you can run both versions on the same computer – I have both versions of both Scientific Word and Scientific WorkPlace running on the same machine. But No, depending on the complexity of your v5.5 .tex documents, I can’t promise it will be without problem when opening in v6.0 (to open in v6.0, click on File – ImportTeX rather than File – Open). They are then saved in the v6.0 .sci format which is a container file; you can easily export the .tex file it contains using File – ExportTeX.
    But the benefits of the v6.0 New Features well outweigh any initial complications of upgrading.
    If you experience problems importing a v5.5 document into v6.0, do please let us have the .tex file and import error message, so that the developers can improve the import filter accordingly. And please don't forget (Item 7): v5.5 Tech. Support will be ending for standard users from the second anniversary of the release of v6.0 - ie. in June this year. (Hint: Be sure to get any outstanding v5.5 issues resolved now!)

  6. Version 5.5 matrices:    A user in the UK found an 'anomaly' in the mature-and-polished v5.5 everyone thought was b*g-free. He wrote:
    According to "help", I am supposed to be able to set column alignment of matrices.
    Using "insert matrix " comand I can see the column alignment option, but it is inactive (pale colour) and can't be selected.
    Quite true! The online Help suggests it should be possible simply to align columns of matrices as you would with a table – but it doesn't behave like that in practice.
    If you're interested to read more, feel free to download our description of the problem and workaround here (the .tex file is here)...

  7. Coming soon:    Everybody seems to be on Facebook these days; so we thought it was time to join in! There's not much to see right now – but in a few days' time, maybe you'll like our page...

  8. English:    We came across this limerick in The Times recently, and again felt sorry for our many academic users around the world for whom English is not their first language...
    There was an old woman of Slough
    Who once had a terrible cough;
    She sounded quite rough
    But battled on through
    I'm sure she'll get over it though.
    If you don't live in the UK you wouldn't be expected to know... but the place name Slough – home to Mars, BlackBerry, McAfee, Computer Associates, PictureTel and Compusys and O2 – rhymes with how, now and cow.


Thanks for reading; more news, tips and information coming in the Spring.

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