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July 2015

Christopher MabbFrom: Dr Christopher Mabb, Scientific Word Ltd.
To: Our Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook Technical Typesetting list


    Information about the version 6.0.2 bug fix, for all those trying out the free 30-day demo of Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook v6.0:


  1. Some v6.0.1 bugs:    There have been a handful of teething problems with the v6.0.1 release, particularly with the Mac version. This is perhaps not entirely unexpected since Version 6.0 is effectively v1.0 of the software, being a complete re-write of the code base:
    1. On some Windows systems, you need to install v6.0.1 by right-clicking on the .exe file and selecting Run as Administrator; see our updated June 2015 mailing Item 3. We recommend still doing so with v6.0.2
    2. Licence files for the home use licences attached to campus-wide Site Licences were not returned to the local Site Licence administrators correctly. We believe that these issues have been fixed by v6.0.2 (see bullet point 6 below), and we have now released the relevant home use serial numbers
    3. There were some issues with importing Scientific Word/WorkPlace v5.5 documents (see bullet point 4 below). Yes, we know: very embarrassing!
    We tried to anticipate issues like these to some extent, and have been requesting that people take the free 30-day demo to try the software thoroughly before spending money on an upgrade or a new version 6.0 system (see the June 2015 mailing Item 7).

  2. The v6.0.2 bug fixes:    The official list of changes in this v6.0.2 release is:
    Feel free to browse the public-access Version 6.0 forum and post any comments/bug reports – though please remember that any comments posted there before July 2nd are based on the previous v6.0.1.
    We're not claiming that the software is totally bug-free even now, and no doubt a v6.0.3 bug-fix/patch will be issued in due course... Naturally, we'll keep you informed of any developments.

  3. Updating from v6.0.1 to v6.0.2:    If you are updating from v6.0.1 of Scientific Word/WorkPlace to version 6.0.2, you can skip installing TeX Live again. After starting the installer, on the Select Components dialog you can turn off "TeX Live Network Install". Use the default prompts for the rest of the installation.

  4. v6.0.2 download links:    Notice that the v6.0.2 download files are in the same place as the v6.0.1 links, but with 6.0.2 in the file name:
    After downloading the program, right-click on the .exe file and select Run as Administrator (Windows) or follow the instructions displayed after the DMG file is downloaded (Mac). We recommend rebooting first.

  5. PDF and log files:    In tracking down any problems with compiling and showing the PDF, it helps us to see the log file. This, together with the PDF (if created), will be in the \Documents\SW[P]Docs\[filename]\tex\ folder.
    Please remember to Email us your new v6.0 serial number if you qualified for a free upgrade, so as to remain eligible for our Unbeatable Expert Technical Support with v6.0 – and include your v6.0 serial number when requesting Tech. Support.

  6. Whitelist our Email:    We've had a few of our Emails bouncing back since changing to the relatively new sciword.co.uk domain – particularly from Universities. Do please whitelist our sciword.co.uk domain (or at least, the address christopher@sciword.co.uk).


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Enjoy version 6.0.2...

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