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June 2015

Christopher MabbFrom: Dr Christopher Mabb, Scientific Word Ltd.
To: Our Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook Technical Typesetting list


At last! Version 6.0 is here. You can be using it today...


  1. Announcing Version 6:    With the release of Version 6 of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook, the MacKichan Software products are now available for Windows and OS X operating systems. Because Version 6 has entirely new Mozilla-based architecture, many features that were present in earlier versions of the programs have been enhanced. This new architecture makes it easy to save or export your documents in multiple formats, giving you more flexibility in your workplace. The program window has been updated, and document production has been streamlined.
    MuPad 5 is the computer algebra system embedded in Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Notebook 6. The recommended browser for Version 6 of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook is Firefox, which takes the place of Scientific Viewer.

  2. Premier users:    Annual Maintenance sites will shortly be receiving individual Emails from us containing their new serial number/s, together with the installation instructions for network Floating licences (if applicable).

  3. For all users:    When you upgrade or buy a new Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, or Scientific Notebook version 6 license, your serial number will activate the program regardless of the platform your installation is on. Many customers use both a Windows and Mac machine. A user with a version 6 serial number will be able to activate any MacKichan Software version from v4.1 to v6; you can run 5.5 and 6.0 side by side.
    The download links for v6.0.1 are as follows:
    After downloading the program, right-click on the .exe file and select Run as Administrator (Windows) or follow the instructions displayed after the DMG file is downloaded (Mac). We recommend rebooting first.

  4. Free upgrades:    In conjunction with MacKichan Software, the free upgrade offer is even more generous than we'd promised (Item 5.1). In fact, the free upgrades extend all the way back to cover systems bought since November 2010. Click here and enter your v5.5 serial number to obtain your free v6.0 upgrade.
    Please Email us your new v6.0 serial number as soon as you have it, so as to remain eligible for our Unbeatable Expert Technical Support with v6.0 (don't forget to include your v6.0 serial number in the Email).

  5. 30-day trials:    Version 6.0 30-day serial numbers are available here from our AutoResponder in the usual way; the serial number works for both the Windows and Mac version. The rest of the AutoResponder sequence is still for v5.5 until we update it, but you'll receive your v6.0 serial number in the first message and can Unsubscribe from the second.
    Why not try v6.0 before you buy?

  6. Installation:    
    1. System requirement are as in our April 2015 mailing (Item 1)
    2. When installing, you will need to accept any User Account Control message, and allow the program to run. A beta tester with a Mac reported that "Before Yosemite allowed me to install the software, I had to change the Security and Privacy Settings to Allow apps downloaded from anywhere"
      Your Antivirus may well say that this is unknown software and that fewer than five people in the world are using it. That's maybe true – it's a brand new release!
    3. Select the language, click on Next and accept the licence agreement (if appropriate). You should then accept the default answer for the remaining 7 or 8 questions: do not change the GhostScript box setting
    4. The installation will take up to 2 hours (the installation program installs TeX Live 2015); you'll know it hasn't crashed, because you'll see the names of different files being installed. At the end, you will need to Activate the program to make it fully functional (Help - Activate and enter your serial number, before closing and re-booting)
    5. The following spell check languages are available in Windows:
      • British English
      • US English
      • French
      • German
      • Hebrew
      • Italian
      • Spanish (Mexican)
      • Spanish (Spain)
      The Macintosh version recognizes additional language dictionaries installed through Firefox; go to Dictionaries & Language Packs using the Firefox browser on your Macintosh to add language dictionaries. Scientific WorkPlace/Word/Notebook will then automatically include the additional language when spell checking your document
    6. The manuals are available for download free of charge here.
    Any problems, do please let us know; the more details you give us, the quicker we'll be able to solve the problem.

  7. Licence Calculator:    We really think you should take the 30-day trial first, before making a decision – we found a couple of teething problems on older (Vista) machines. But when you're ready, our v6.0 Licence Calculator is now live, we have systems in stock and we're taking Orders...
    The British English dictionary is no longer a chargeable option for v6.0. You will only need to add the dictionary if you wish to run v5.5 under your v6.0 licence, and haven't already got the British English dictionary (in which case, please Email us).

  8. Training Courses:    Hit the ground running with the professionals' introduction to all the new features of version 6.0!
    For existing users of Scientific Word or Scientific WorkPlace, we're planning a new approach to v6.0 Training. In addition to offering all the existing possibilities (Standard Two Day Course and Graduates' One-Day Course – whether for large groups or with a huge discount for small groups of up to 4 people – and the Video download) we're considering putting on Training events in the major cities. Scientific Word/WorkPlace users will be able to buy a seat/ticket for a particular date and location, and bring their own laptop with v6.0 installed. The price of these one-day events will be £150 per person (£125 + VAT), including coffee; this does not include the cost of the v6.0 upgrade.
    We'll be taking bookings until 14 days before each event, and then will circulate details of the venue (probably a 4* hotel) to all those booked in, 7-10 days in advance.
    Please let us know if this would be of interest to you, together with your nearest and second-nearest cities, so we can gauge interest and plan it further...

  9. Losing the demon:    We mentioned last time (Item 5) that Demon web hosting is under new management; they are indicating they may cease providing service within a couple of years. We're therefore transferring our website to our alternative domain www.sciword.co.uk, with Email christopher@sciword.co.uk .
    The previous web addresses will forward – and the old Email address will still work – for some time yet (probably for at least a year). But please make a note of the change now, losing the demon!


Thanks for waiting patiently for this day for so long! Please now spread the word that Version 6.0 is here – click below to share the good news with your friends...
Then dive in, and start enjoying all the amazing new features of version 6.0!

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