June 2016

Christopher MabbFrom: Dr Christopher Mabb, Scientific Word Ltd.
To: Our Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook Technical Typesetting list


    Welcome to our Midsummer mailing, with information about the latest Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook version 6.0.16 and other important points. Please read the list of updated features; we recommend you update to version 6.0.16, following the Installation instructions here.


  1. Version 6.0.16:    Changes in v6.0.16 include:

  2. TeXLive error:    The 2016 version of TeXLive was released recently, and broke the MacKichan installer. A few days of error reports from new users led to correspondence between ourselves and MacKichan Software, resulting in their temporary guidance below:
    We are experiencing a difficulty with the TeX installation. In the meantime, Please follow the alternate TeX installation instructions in this article:
    Version 6.0.16 has now solved the problem (see the last bullet point in Item 1 above); but those instructions for manual installation could well be useful in future.
    Hint: bookmark the page!

  3. Version 6.0.15:    We didn't announced v6.0.15 at the time beyond our Annual Maintenance / Premier A-list users. Changes in v6.0.15 included:

  4. Changing fonts:    One of the powerful new features of the upgrade from Scientific Word/WorkPlace v5.5 to v6.0 is its capability to change the fonts being used. This was not possible in v5.5, although we did our best to help: see, for example, our April 2009 mailing (Item 1), December 2010 mailing (Item 3) and July 2011 mailing (Item 5).
    But with v6.0 it's easy! Just click on Typeset – Document Format – General – XeLaTeX, and then the Fonts tab – Enable overriding font selection. Now go down to the Main dialog, for example, and select the font you want; click on OK and save the document. When you click on PDF Preview, you see your document typeset using the font you selected. (A b*g does mean that, sometimes after changing the font, Scientific Word/WorkPlace initially fails to re-compile your document unless you add in a space to make it a temporary document.)
    Here are some sample PDFs, with the .sci files that created them:
    1. Comic Sans MS: changefont1.sci and changefont1.pdf
    2. Lucida Handwriting: changefont2.sci and changefont2.pdf
    3. Arial Narrow: changefont3.sci and changefont3.pdf
    4. AR Destine: changefont4.sci and changefont4.pdf        (I bet this one makes you smile!)

    Have fun adding in different fonts to your own documents! [See the video here.]

  5. Brexit pricing:    Following the result of the Referendum last Thursday 23rd June, the pound ended the week about 10% lower than a few days earlier (increasing the number of pounds required). We have temporarily cushioned this effect to phase in the increase, and held our prices to only a couple of percent higher in the short term. If hindsight were foresight, everyone would have bought any new licences a week or two ago; second best – given the uncertainty in the markets – would be to buy them now before the price rise takes full effect.

  6. Windows 10[/11]:    Further to our September 2015 mailing (Item 7) and January 2016 mailing (Item 4), the following is our best advice [if you have problems]:
    1. Version 5.5 [installation instructions]:
      • Installation: The TrueTeX installer portion of the installation will [may] be blocked, so [in which case – if the installer sits doing nothing for half an hour] do the installation in safe mode (Windows 10; Windows 11).
      • Running the program: You may need to run in Windows 7 compatibility (follow the link in the September 2015 mailing)
    2. Version 6.0 [installation instructions]: MacKichan Software tell us there are no remaining issues with installing and using Version 6 in Windows 10.

  7. Customising toolbars:    Version 6.0 has a great new feature of allowing you to customize the toolbars; this is similar to editing the Symbol Cache in earlier versions. Just right click in the toolbar area and select Customize Toolbar (in this example we've just dropped the Options and packages icon onto the toolbar). This feature allows you to drag icons onto the toolbars from your set of unused icons, and remove them similarly. [See the video here.]

  8. What a whopper!    If you ever get frustrated typing up your ideas, be thankful you don't have to typeset this monster:
    The website calls it the longest equation known to man.
    I'm not sure that's accurate. But I do believe them when they say it took 4 hours to type using LaTeX.
    Be thankful your equations are simpler. And, if you've got Scientific Word/WorkPlace, they're much easier still!
    So if you haven't already, click here to get your licence today.


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