June 2021

Christopher Mabb From: Dr Christopher Mabb, Scientific Word Ltd.
To: Our Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook Technical Typesetting list


    Here is our End-of-Lockdown June mailing with the latest news, tips and technical support information to help you get the most from Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook.
    There is a new version of Scientific Word, Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Notebook: v6.1. We recommend you thoroughly read the information below, before updating to the new version 6.1. The v6.x installation instructions are here.


  1. Version 6.1:     Here is the list of changes, updates and improvements in v6.1:

    To upgrade to version 6.1:

    For both Windows and Mac you have the option to use SW/SWP/SNB v6.1 with TeXLive 2020. But if you can take the hour (two hours on a Mac) to follow the instructions at Item 3 or 4 below, then it's better to update to TeXLive 2021 since that will, among other benefits, give you access to the TeXLive Manager / TeXLive Utility again.

  2. MacKichan Software:    Barry MacKichan will be retiring on 30/6/21 and MacKichan Software have announced that they will no longer be providing Tech Support for the Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook family of programs. Additionally, in a parting gift to the academic community, the code for the new v6.1 of the original program Scientific Word (only) will eventually become open source; this does not apply to Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Notebook, which contain external code licensed for the MuPad component. As a result, MacKichan Software will not be continuing the development of the Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook family of programs beyond v6.1.
    This leaves Scientific Word Ltd as the only company providing dedicated Tech Support and Training for Scientific Word/WorkPlace around the world. See the What’sNew sidebar in the v6.0 programs, referring to us for future Tech Support and Training.
    Our intention is to continue providing our Unbeatable Expert Technical Support and Training for the foreseeable future (at least the next 5 years), and so your investment in this software is secure with us. However, it will not be possible to buy further licences of any of the programs after 30/6/21. This is not false scarcity: after June 30th we simply will not be able to obtain new licences.
    Please therefore take advantage of this advance notice to obtain any additional licensing you require well before that date. Our cut-off date for final orders of Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook is Friday 25/6/21.
    MacKichan Software's announcement is here.

  3. TeXLive 2021 (Windows):    Please be aware of the following issues with TeXLive 2021 (similar to the problems introduced by TeXLive 2016 and TeXLive 2020).

  4. TeXLive 2021 (Mac):    You can install TeXLive 2021 using the TeX User Group MacTeX Distribution; click the Unix Download link on that page and follow the instructions in the paragraph "How to install TeX Live with the Unix Script". The installation is non-trivial, but well-documented; it takes about 7Gb and 2 hours to install the full TeXLive 2021 (tested on a MacOS 10.13 High Sierra; it was a friendly graphical interface). Installing the full TeXLive 2021 means you'll never again have a document fail to compile because of a missing package.
    Updating to TeXLive 2021 means you will again be able to run the TeXLive Utility (see our May 2016 mailing Item 4) – although you probably won't need to since you'll already have all the packages installed. You can update the TexLive Utility itself from TeXLive Utility – Check for Updates.
    TeXLive is installed in the folder /usr/local/texlive/ (Finder – Go – Go to Folder – /usr/local/texlive/). The log file msi.log in the Home folder (Finder – Go – Home) tells you which version of TeXLive was used in the most recent compiling to produce a PDF file: check it says TeXLive 2021 in the middle of the log file.

    Following the steps outlined here and in Item 1 above means that version 6.0.30 will also be available to you, in addition to the new v6.1; and both will run with TeXLive 2021.

  5. Uninstalling v6.1:    If you wish to uninstall Scientific Word/WorkPlace version 6.1:

  6. Inserting PDF graphics:    Scientific Word/WorkPlace v5.5 has an extensive range of graphics formats it can insert into a document (File – Import Picture). But the list does not include PDF, and a user Emailed to ask:
    It would be useful to import a graph  saved as a pdf into the manuscript.
    I see that under import picture, files of type does not offer a pdf option.
    I wondered if there was any workaround to place a pdf figure?
    We replied with the following possible solutions:
    The best options in that situation are to:
    1. Consider how the graph you want to import was generated, and from whichever program produced it save/export it into one of Scientific WorkPlace’s supported formats at the stage before it got turned into a PDF. This will give you the highest resolution output of any of these suggestions
    2. Alternatively, open the PDF in Acrobat Reader and:
      1. Select Edit – Copy file to clipboard if you want the whole page; or
      2. Use the Windows snipping tool (Start button and type snipping) to select a portion of the PDF, and copy it to the clipboard.
      In Scientific WorkPlace you can then use Edit – Paste special – Picture to bring the graphic in from the clipboard. You will probably want to right-click – Properties to change the Floating placement of such a graphic to Here on the Layout tab
    3. A third option would be to include one or more pages of the PDF, possibly reduced 2x2 on a page, as discussed in our May 2011 mailing Item 6 and demonstrated in https://www.sciword.co.uk/includepdf.pdf (where p2 is made up of pp1,4,5,6 from an included PDF, and the remaining pages are excerpts full-size).
    We hope that will be of wider interest to our users.

  7. Reminders:    Two follow-ups from our May 2021 mailing:

    1. Coronavirus Offers: Our special Lockdown offers expire next Monday 21st June.
    2. Individual Annual Maintenance: A user on the new Individual Annual Maintenance scheme Emailed in response to the advance notice of the MacKichan Software changes (Item 2 above):
      Are these MS changes affecting me ?
      We replied:

      Well, Yes and No:

      1. Potentially Yes:
        1. If you were planning on getting another copy of Scientific WorkPlace sometime in the future for a co-author or PhD student, you will need to buy that licence before next Friday 25/6/21
        2. If you were using v5.5 because you didn't like v6, but were thinking you'd reconsider making the change when v7 came out – it looks like you'll be continuing with v5.5 (which is no bad solution)
      2. No: We're expecting our time might be in more demand in future from others around the world seeking our Tech Support. But you've already secured your access to our time and Premier Tech Support – including for v5.5 – with your Individual Annual Maintenance scheme.
    To all our users: Do please make sure you're prepared for the coming changes...


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