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May 2008

Christopher MabbFrom: Dr Christopher Mabb, Scientific Word Ltd.
To: Our Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook Technical Typesetting list


    Hello again from the beautiful East Riding of Yorkshire. We're writing with further information and tips to help make the most of your Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook software:


  1.     We're aware from the questions several users are asking about presentation style packages that many people have not yet taken advantage of Beamer, the Scientific Word/WorkPlace add-on for producing PowerPoint-type presentations. To find out more about Beamer, simply right-click and save the sample at http://www.scientific-word.com/beamersample.pdf (421k), and then view the presentation using the Acrobat Reader (rather than Internet Explorer) in full-screen mode; to switch Acrobat to full-screen mode, either click on Window - Full Screen View, or type Ctrl-L.
        The Beamer add-on is a free download for all users of Scientific Word/WorkPlace v5.0 or v5.5 (including anyone with the free 30-day demo); do please try Beamer out for yourself. Go to BeamerSupportFiles.exe and save the file to your Scientific Word/WorkPlace folder (eg: c:\swp55), and then run the file to install it. One person last week replied,
    "Thanks for informing me about Beamer. I tried what you instructed me on, and Beamer is awsome!"
        Please note that our Training Courses now include training in using the new Beamer module, enabling such technical presentations to be created easily from within Scientific Word/WorkPlace. All Annual Maintenance Site Licensees, together with everyone having purchased a Scientific Word/WorkPlace system in the previous 6 months, qualifies for a 75% discount on Training Courses for small-group classes limited to four people. Please Email back today if you'd like to book one of the remaining slots for Training over the summer.

  2.     We wanted to offer some definitive information for the many people who have been asking about Windows Vista: Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook v5.0 and v5.5 will run under Vista, but there are a couple of issues you may need to work around. Please go to http://www.mackichan.com/techtalk/737.htm to access the details, together with the solutions. This page also provides help for users of earlier versions of our software - though obviously we'd love you to upgrade to the latest v5.5 of the software. Pricing is as on our Licence Calculator ; please be sure to click the 'Upgrade' radio button.

  3.     For those who have struggled to find the perfect document shell to provide the typeset appearance you're looking for, there's now an online way to view the appearance of documents produced by each shell, together with the opportunity to download new shell documents released since v5.5 (shown with asterisks and blue links). Simply click the magnifying glass after any of the shell documents, as an up-to-date alternative to downloading the full "Gallery of Document Shells" (6.3Mb) .


    Do please keep in touch with any other questions you may have about the Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook suite of programs for technical typesetting - we're looking forward to hearing from you.
    We only Email the Scientific Word family three or four times a year. As always, if you no longer wish to remain on our mailing list so as to receive information of updates and new developments, a simple Email or postal reply to this effect will suffice.


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