May 2022

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    This bi-monthly mailing provides solutions to Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook Technical Support issues, together with other information to help you get the most from your system, whether you're running version 5.5 or version v6.0/v6.1. As always, the latest version of the programs is available on our download page, with links to the latest installation instructions.


  1. TeXLive 2022:    The release of TeXLive 2022 in April broke the combined Scientific Word/WorkPlace v6 + TeXLive installer. This parallels the issues caused by the release of TeXLive 2016, TeXLive 2020 and TeXLive 2021.

    We have therefore completely re-written our Scientific Word/WorkPlace Fixed licence v6 Installation Instructions; the new instructions may look a little daunting at first sight – but they are comprehensive, with screenshots at every stage. When reinstalling a Scientific Word/​WorkPlace v6 Fixed licence on Windows, you now need to uncheck the TeXLive box (Step 4 of the installation instructions). This allows you to either:
    1. Continue using your existing TeXLive 2021; or
    2. [Recommended] Pre-install TeXLive 2022 at Step 3A before installing Scientific Word/WorkPlace.
    While we regret that installation of Scientific Word/WorkPlace v6 is more laborious than before, we have hopes that this new approach will survive the release of TeXLive 2023 and succeeding years.

  2. MSI What's New:    If, on opening Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook v6, you get an error message like this, click on OK and then:
    1. Open the side panel by clicking on the dotted line in the middle of the right hand side of the Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook window
    2. At the top, click the Actions dropdown level with MSI What’s New, and select Close
    3. You can then close the right-hand side panel by clicking on the dotted line.
    Please see the screenshot here. This is a one-time fix, and is documented in the new v6 Installation Instructions at Step 6 (paragraph 2).

  3. Windows 11 (again):    We noted in our 22222 mailing Item 1 that Scientific Word/WorkPlace v5.5 runs under Windows 11.
    However, one user found she was only able to complete the installation in Safe mode, as documented in our v5.5 Installation Instructions at Step 2. You might find this page useful if you need to start Windows 11 in safe mode.

  4. SW/P v5.5 with TeXLive:    This item is quite technical; if you are not confident making such changes you should ask your IT officer to perform the steps for you. The item refers interchangeably to Scientific Word v5.5 (in C:\sw55) and Scientific WorkPlace v5.5 (in C:\swp55); it also refers interchangeably to TeXLive 2021 (in C:\texlive\2021) and TeXLive 2022 (in C:\texlive\2022).

    You might sometimes find that Scientific Word/WorkPlace v5.5 does not have certain recent packages (.sty files) installed. We've come across this a couple of times this year with users wanting to write for MDPI Journals: the class file mdpi.cls calls a large number of packages – mostly unnecessary for any particular journal – and several of these packages are not installed with Scientific Word/WorkPlace v5.5.

    Here are some possible solutions. Note that Options 3, 4 and 5 require that you have installed Scientific Word/WorkPlace v6 and therefore have TeXLive 2021 or TeXLive 2022 installed. To determine which version of TeXLive you're using, check whether you have the folders C:\texlive\2021 and C:\texlive\2022: you will be using the most recent version you have. If you are using TeXLive 2021 the TeXLive Manager will probably no longer work to allow you to add new packages.
    Recommendation: Install TeXLive 2022 – which is free of charge – following part 3A of the new v6 Installation Instructions; at Step 3A(iv) of those instructions we recommend you choose either the Full Scheme or the Medium Scheme to ensure TeXLive has all the packages you need.

    1. When using Scientific Word/WorkPlace v5.5, each package which is called but has not been installed (for example, the enumitem package) will cause an error at Typeset – PreviewPDF of the form:
      ! LaTeX Error: File `enumitem.sty' not found
      You can obtain that package – eg. by Googling "LaTeX enumitem.sty" – and add it to your Scientific Word/WorkPlace v5.5 installation as C:\sw[p]55\TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX\contrib\enumitem\enumitem.sty: see screenshot SWP-TeXLive1. You should start by copying an .sty file from another folder to use as a template, and open it with WordPad or NotePad to enter the new contents.
      However, it could be very time-consuming to identify, locate and install all the missing packages you might require; see also Option 4 below.
    2. The MDPI template says:
      For any questions, please contact the editorial office of the journal or For LaTeX-related questions please contact
      and you might want to ask them if they can supply a simpler set of typesetting specifications for your particular journal, which does not call so many unnecessary packages.
    3. If your Scientific Word/WorkPlace v5.5 document (.tex file) will import into Scientific Word/WorkPlace v6 using File – Import TeX, then you might find it easier to finish writing your paper using Scientific Word/WorkPlace version 6 since your TeXLive installation will include most of the more recent packages.
      • Note that not all the packages you might require are necessarily already installed with version 6, but it is easier to add packages to version 6 than version 5.5; this is documented in our April 2020 mailing Item 2(2). Since you may need to add several packages to TeXLive, it will probably be best to install all the available packages: click on Start – TeXLive 2022 – TeXLive Manager – File | Load repository; and then Not installed – Mark all displayed – Install marked (see screenshot SWP-TeXLive2).
    4. Copy the missing packages from your Scientific WorkPlace version 6 installation to your v5.5 installation and write your paper using Scientific Word/WorkPlace v5.5. For example, in the case of enumitem.sty, copy the \enumitem folder from C:\texlive\2022\texmf-dist\tex\latex\  (screenshot SWP-TeXLive3) to C:\sw[p]55\TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX\contrib\  (screenshot SWP-TeXLive4). This is a variation on Option 1 above, giving an easier way of obtaining the required packages.
      • Note that the bullet point of Option 3 above also applies to Option 4.
    5. A fifth option (recommended) is to install TeXLive 2022 separately as noted above and set Scientific WorkPlace v5.5 to use the TeXLive 2022 compiler. To connect Scientific WorkPlace v5.5 to TeXLive in this way, go to Scientific WorkPlace v5.5 – Typeset – Expert Settings – PDF Format Settings – dropdown and select TeXLive 2007 pdfTeX. Click on Add/Modify (see screenshot SWP-TeXLive5) and create TeXLive 2022 pdfTeX (see screenshot SWP-TeXLive6); at the Executable filename setting we recommend you choose the file from the Browse menu in order to get the spelling and capitalisation correct.
      • Note that the bullet point of Option 3 above also applies to Option 5.
      • If your document contains graphics, you will want to refer to our August 2021 mailing Item 3 and apply solution 3 to your TeXLive pdftex.def. In other words, copy the green text in the mailing item to the end of your file C:\texlive\2022\texmf-dist\tex\latex\graphics-def\pdftex.def just before the final line

    Recommended solution: For most users who are familiar and comfortable with Scientific Word/WorkPlace v5.5 but who are having issues with missing packages, the best option is to install TeXLive 2022 and choose Option 5.

  5. v5.5 graphics caption:    The caption for a Floating graphic in a Scientific Word/WorkPlace v5.5 document can be above or below the graphic. However, for a Displayed graphic you can only have a caption below.
    One user, taking up our offer of 12 months' complimentary Technical Support (see our August 2021 mailing Item 1) Emailed to say:
    I want to put the caption of the [graphic] at the top of it!
    Could you pls provide me with the method for that?
    We replied:
    When you right click the [graphic] and select Properties, on the Labeling tab the option to choose Caption placement Above is greyed out. But if you go back to the Layout tab and choose Placement – Floating, you can then go back to the Labeling tab and select the Caption placement above.
    You should only have a Caption either Above or Below: if you have captions both Above and Below then it will cause problems with the numbering...
    ...that's because the same graphic would have one caption above ("Figure 1: first caption") and another below ("Figure 2: second caption").
    Note that if you change the Properties Layout Placement back to Displayed, the caption above the graphic is suppressed.

  6. v5.5 graphics import setting:    One proficient user described his process for generating .png files and importing them into Scientific Word v5.5 using File Import Picture. We made the following suggestion:
    Regarding graphics import, you said “I fill in the caption and token, pick a 4in wide dimension and uncheck the "here" button.” If you routinely have to do this, we recommend you change your default setting so that File – Import Picture brings in graphics with the settings you like.
    To do this, go to Tools – User Setup – Graphics and set the Floating Placement in the bottom right.
    As we wrote in our January 2022 mailing Item 5, you can read lots more about handling graphics in Scientific Word/WorkPlace v5.5 by going to our mailings page and searching (Ctrl-F on most browsers) for "graphics".

  7. v5.5 PreviewPDF (again):    We've previously covered issues with Typeset – PreviewPDF in our April 2020 mailing Item 8 and November 2021 mailing Item 8. A further potential problem is if PDFs on your computer are not expecting to be opened with Acrobat. We asked one user recently:
    When you double-click on a PDF in Windows Explorer, does it open Acrobat to show the PDF? If not, then that is the first problem you need to sort out; that’s nothing to do with Scientific WorkPlace. Depending on your version of Windows, you need to set PDFs to open with Acrobat from Control Panel – Default Programs – Associate a file type with a program – Choose default application by file type
    and then scroll down to make sure that .pdf files are set to open with your Acrobat program.
    Shortly afterwards, the user reported success from installing Scientific WorkPlace after Acrobat:
    My Scientific Workplace is up and running again. Thank you very much for your help.
    The IT people installed the latest version of Acrobat Reader for me <snip>. I am now using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. I then uninstalled Scientific Workplace and installed it again from your website <snip>. It was rather quick and easy to install again.
    We hope this helps other users too.


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