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November 2010

Christopher MabbFrom: Dr Christopher Mabb, Scientific Word Ltd.
To: Our Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook Technical Typesetting list


    More news, tips and technical information, a survey and a competition in the latest of our regular Emails:


  1. Fixing tables in place:    Back in the summer, someone requested help from our page at http://www.scientific-workplace.com/ , asking how to fix a table and stop it floating. We replied (with examples attached) saying:
    Thanks for your enquiry. You need the Table - (4x3, floating) fragment, together with the float package (Typeset - Options & Packages - Package Options - Add - float). See the two examples attached: note the difference in the TeX Field labeled "B" between
    \begin{table}[h] \centering
    \begin{table}[H] \centering
    Do please download the attachments from tableplacement1.tex and tableplacement2.tex and Typeset - Preview PDF them to see the subtle difference in the layout of the text around the table, which is fixed in place ("Here" or "here") near the bottom of the page.

  2. Logo in a header:    A user Emailed from Russia asking us:
    "I have a problem with Scientific Workplace and need your help! I want to add some image file (like a logo) to header of my document in Scientific Workplace. I didn't find out how to do this. Can you help me please?"
    We suggested a couple of ways of doing this, using the fancyhdr package (see Help - Search - fancyhdr - fancyhdr package). The better way was also to add the graphicx package and use the \includegraphics command. In the file headers2.tex, this command is
    Download the example file at https://www.sciword.co.uk/mailings/headers2.tex and look in the Typeset - Preamble to see the fancy header commands. Then click on Typeset - Preview PDF to see the logo at the top outer corners of the two-side (book) format document.

  3. Updating Acrobat:    A frequent plea for help comes from people who have upgraded to the latest version of the Acrobat Reader, and then find that Scientific Word/WorkPlace doesn't work with Acrobat any more. Fortunately, it's fairly easily fixed!     If you click on Typeset - Expert Settings - PDF Preview Settings, you'll see it says Acrobat. Click on Add/Modify to locate the line for Executable filename: for example "C:/Program Files (x86)/Adobe/Reader 8.0/Reader/AcroRd32.exe". By clicking on Browse you can navigate to the .exe file for your v9 Acrobat Reader, which will be of a similar format to what you have already, but with a 9 instead of a 7 or 8 (there may be other differences, but you're probably looking for AcroRd32.exe, depending on your operating system). This should be the only change required.

  4. More about .wmf graphics:    Several users have had issues with .wmf graphics not appearing correctly when they click on Typeset - Preview PDF. We'd like to share more widely the response from one of our larger commercial sites:
    "After a lot of trials I have finally found an answer that gives a good quality pdf result from a copy from Excel – it is the registry change in Solution 3 in the article you referred me to: http://www.mackichan.com/index.html?techtalk/581.htm Changing the GfxPDFExportFromFile key to ‘1’ allows the simple copy from Excel 2007 and default paste into Scientific Word to work with quality similar to what we got when using Excel 2002... I was convinced that Microsoft had broken the wmf file format export in 2007 and that we would have to look for other vector formats... This is a good result, as people don’t need to change their working practices and the registry change is simple to apply and include in our standard installation process. Thank you for your help on this."

  5. Line numbering:    Have you ever needed to number the lines of a document? Then you'll find the lineno package (Typeset - Options & Packages - Package Options - Add - lineno) just what you need - please see our sample document at linenumbering.tex if this is something that might be useful to you. You can review the available package options from Typeset - Options & Packages - Package Options - lineno - Modify.

  6. VAT increase:    As you'll probably know, the rate of VAT in the UK is to rise to 20% at the start of the New Year. Might we suggest that you look ahead, through to the end of the academic year, and place any forthcoming Orders with us before the end of December so as to qualify for the old 17.5% rate of VAT. This change will not affect users outside the European Union.

  7. Please help us...    with just 5 minutes of your time to take the Scientific Word Ltd. Outstanding Customer Satisfaction survey... It's anonymous of course, unless you want to enter the competition for a free upgrade to the next version. Just 10 questions, so we can get your feedback. Please go to http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FYKDZHN anytime before the end of November - why not do it now?


    As you know, we only Email the Scientific Word family every couple of months. But if you no longer wish to remain on our mailing list so as to receive technical information and news of updates and developments, a simple Email reply to that effect will suffice.
    Thanks for reading. More coming before Santa arrives for Christmas!


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