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November 2015

Christopher MabbFrom: Dr Christopher Mabb, Scientific Word Ltd.
To: Our Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook Technical Typesetting list


    Please find below the information for Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook version 6.0.8. We recommend that you update to version 6.0.8 when convenient, following the Installation instructions below.


  1. Version 6.0.8:    Changes for v6.0.8 include:

  2. Installation Instructions:    The latest versions are always available from our Download page. We recommend re-installing TeXLive and selecting Skip to create a new installation.

  3. Licence files:    For Fixed licences, your licence file will be installed automatically when you Activate.
    For home use licences attached to campus-wide Site Licences, our Installation Instructions (Step 8) suggest downloading a template file license.lic from the Licence files section of our home page. If you'd rather create the licence file yourself from the Email forwarded by your Site Licence administrator, then on Windows you can use WordPad and Save the licence information, as a Text document license.lic, to the .default subfolder of c:\Users\[Name]\AppData\Roaming\SWP\Profiles\ .
    For a Mac, one of our campus-wide sites has produced some helpful instructions which we include (slightly modified) here:
    1. Copy the licence information (between the asterisks) from the Email
    2. Open up TextEdit and from the Menu Bar choose Format – Make Plain Text
    3. Paste in the licence information
    4. Choose File – Save
    5. Untick the If no extension is provided, use ".txt" tick box and save the file with the name license.lic
    6. Copy the license.lic file
    7. With SWP closed, open Finder and choose Go – Go to Folder and copy-and-paste in: ~Library/Application Support/SWP/Profiles/
    8. Open the .default folder and paste in the licence.lic file

  4. Activation dialog:    The Activation dialog box, up to and including v6.0.8, does not correctly record and process the Email and phone number fields. For Fixed licences, you would not have noticed this as your licence file is installed automatically when you Activate (this relates to the item above). But for home use licences attached to campus-wide Site Licences, the resulting Email does not provide your Site Licence Administrator with the Email address to which they should forward the licence. Two possible workarounds are as follows:
    1. Include your Email address as part of the Name field
    2. Copy the computer ID from the Activation dialog, and then enter the relevant information in the web form at http://licensing.mackichan.com/Activate; this interface works correctly.

    We anticipate that this problem will be fixed with the next version, 6.0.9. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, the minor updates have been coming out about one every three weeks – which would take us to the first week of December for v6.0.9. No promises!


Now is the time to upgrade to v6.0 if you haven't already – just click here for the new-user and upgrade pricing.

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