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September 2009

Christopher MabbFrom: Dr Christopher Mabb, Scientific Word Ltd.
To: Our Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook Technical Typesetting list


    Some further news and technical information in the latest of our bi-monthly Emails:


  1. Submitting to Journals:    We offer the opportunity to ask scientific wordprocessing questions via our website at http://www.scientific-workplace.com/ (and also http://www.scientific-word.com/ and http://www.scientific-notebook.com/). Some time ago we received a question this way, asking:
    "Hello: A typeseted paper could be acepted by international journals, like IEEE or Elsevier? Or it is necessary to perform aditional modifications to achieve the Journal's requirements? Thank you."
    We think our response might interest many of you, not quite sure about the best way of making submissions to various Journals:
    "Thanks for your question. For some Journals, we provide shell documents with Scientific WorkPlace and all you have to do is to start the document from that shell document and start typing. We're attaching a screenshot of part of the dialogue box where, having chosen Articles on the left, you would then choose one of the Shell documents on the right hand side. Note the Elsevier and IEEE entries.
    For others, you need to obtain the typesetting specifications for the journal concerned, and install them correctly according to the instructions we supply in the online Help - Search - typesetting specifications - typesetting specifications - typesetting specifications from outside sources."

  2. Linux:    Those running Linux will be interested to read the blog page at http://kedaimamak.wordpress.com/2009/08/10/my-experience-with-linux/ . We particularly noticed the part that says:
    "Since I really need scientific workplace to facilitate my work, I had to take the next step. With Virtualbox, I can install a copy of Windows XP in Linux itself! So basically I am running the whole WindowsXP using this virtualization software, and run Scientific workplace in the windows xp (with a small speed penalty). So, problem solved!

  3. Double spaced footnotes:    One of our Annual Maintenance sites asked an important question just last week about how to ensure footnotes are double spaced. They wrote:
    "I'd like to take you up on your kind offer if I may.
    File attached - the problem is that the editor is asking for the footnotes to be double spaced. We have tried sticking a TciTex grey box in the front of one but don't know how to instruct it to doublespace. is that the right way to go?
    We replied:
    "Interesting problem - it took me a couple of goes to get it right. Here are two possible ways:
    1. The better way, since the doublespace package has been superseded by the setspace package, is to remove the doublespace package from your document and add setspace. Then select setspace, click on Modify, and choose doublespacing. At this stage you're no better off, except you're using setspace which gives more versatility. Now, for each footnote, add a TeX field saying \doublespacing. Now we're getting somewhere, but the space between two footnotes on the same page is still single spacing; to overcome this, add a line in the Typeset - Preamble saying \footnotesep1.3cm or whatever size you want. It also accepts in for inches.
    2. The easier way from where you're at is to remove the doublespace package, and simply add a line in the Typeset - Preamble saying \renewcommand{\baselinestretch}{2} . This is a pretty crude fix, which regards the whole piece of paper as a elastic band and stretches it top to bottom by the multiple you specify. For some reason I never remember, the multiplier 2 is bigger than you need to reproduce double spacing - you probably want something like 1.8. And you'll also need a line about the \footnotesep as above.
    Trust this helps - and that we'll soon be getting invited back to do another of our Training Courses at <snip>. Training Course Options are as on our Training page at www.sciword.co.uk/training.htm . All the best."
    We'd encourage you to download the sample.tex files, click on Typeset - PreviewPDF, and look at the footnotes on page 2 of the PDFs produced.

  4. Don't forget our Midsummer's Day Invitation of a 10% Discount Voucher:    If you haven't already taken advantage of this Partnership programme, please see our Midsummer's Day mailing or listen to the audio file - simply click to play (2mins), or else download it as an MP3 file here (it's 1.83Mb; right click the link, then Save Target As) - and then download the Discount Voucher, valid until December 2009.

  5. Zotero to BibTeX:    We mentioned in our June mailing that we recommend using JabRef rather than BibDB for maintaining your BibTeX .bib files of bibliographic references (which you'll find in subfolders of c:\swp55\TCITeX\BibTeX\bib). We've been asked whether it's possible to use Zotero references with Scientific Word/WorkPlace. The answer is that you can export from Zotero to BibTeX. For information about this, see the "How do I export from Zotero to BibTeX?" section of http://libraries.mit.edu/help/zotero/zoterowithlatex.html . More technical grubby details are available at http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/4331/bibtex-importexport-problems/ and also http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/1302/export-bibtex-webpage-specific-fieldsinformation-missing/ .

  6. We're still not perfect!    And so we welcome any feedback about our company generally, and these bimonthly Emails in particular, to help us improve. Why not drop us a line with your comments on what has been most helpful - and what has not? And please feel free to suggest other topics you'd like us to cover in future mailings.

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