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September 2015

Christopher MabbFrom: Dr Christopher Mabb, Scientific Word Ltd.
To: Our Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook Technical Typesetting list


    After the flurry of activity over the summer, things have settled down and most of the teething problems (aka bugs) have been resolved. Here's the information for version 6.0.6, together with the release notes for intermediate updates v6.0.4 and v6.0.5.
    We recommend that you update to this version 6.0.6 of Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook (it only takes 3 or 4 minutes); you do not need to update the TeX Live installation or GhostScript – simply update the program itself.


  1. Mac installation...    now works correctly. Be sure to reboot first.

  2. Version 6.0.6:    Other changes in this v6.0.6 release include:

  3. Version 6.0.5:    Version 6.0.5 changes included:

  4. Version 6.0.4:    These were the changes in v6.0.4:
    Thanks for your various helpful bug reports which have enabled all the issues above to be resolved.

  5. Useful links:    A reminder that:

  6. Most-asked question:    The most common issue raised when people upgrade to v6.0 is that they cannot open their existing v5.5 documents in v6.0. To import existing Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook documents into version 6.0 you should use File – Import TeX, not File – Open. The file format for v6.0 documents is no longer .tex but .sci. Your .sci files can be found in \Documents\SWPDocs (or SWDocs or SNBDocs).

  7. Windows 10:    We have not tested Windows 10 thoroughly, but we note here that simply choosing Windows 7 compatibility mode might solve a lot of problems... Do please let us know your experiences of running older versions of our software on this operating system.


Thanks for all the referrals telling your friends that Version 6.0 is here. If you've missed the opportunity so far, just click below to send them a quick message with an accompanying link.
Enjoy version 6.0.6... we now think it's safe to make the leap to version 6.0 – even if one of our more sceptical users Emailed to say:
I am excited by SW 6 but I think I will wait for at least version 6.x.y where x>0 before ordering a copy!
But for everybody else, just click here for the upgrade pricing.

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