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16/5/24 Annual Maintenance (private):   Licence security; Our mailings; Home use licences
April 2024 Support continued to 2028; Blurry fonts; Before buying; Recurring problem; Make Title (v5.5); Mac (reminder); Compile problems; German version; Dr Bot
26/2/24 Annual Maintenance (private):   Aggregating Floating licences? Virtual servers; MiKTeX paper
January 2024 T3 Scientific Word processing; Recovering .tex files; EPS graphics; LyX; Unnumbered Subsection; Shell documents; Silent mode; Installation checklist (v5.5)
27/11/23 Annual Maintenance (private):   Identifying serial numbers; Transferring a licence; Annual Maintenance; Buyback scheme
November 2023 Lost licence (cont.); Diagnostic process; External class files; .cst file; Placement of figures; Beamer; A shaggy dog story
August 2023 LaTeX commands in v6; Importing LaTeX code; Registration/Activation; Lost licence; Numbering equations (v5.5); Subdocuments (again); Align*; Installation checklist; Spam folder
15/6/23 Annual Maintenance (private):   Licence server (update)
June 2023 Getting Started; Bibliographies; Google Drive; Line numbering; Lambdabar; Trouble with PDFs; v6 import filter; v6 style files
March 2023 Generating style files; List numbering; Hyperref package; v5.5 'new features'; Registering v5.5; Getting started with v6; Activating v6; Using any font
23/2/23 Annual Maintenance (private):   MacKichan's licence server; Low-cost annual subscription; Missing Email; Squeezed budgets?
December 2022 Decision-making; Version 5.0; v6 cursor; v5.5 subdocuments; Testimonials; Movable type printing; So now it's time...
31/10/22 Annual Maintenance (private):   Annual Maintenance price cap; Live Training; Some reminders
October 2022 64-bit SW/P on MacBook Pro 2020? Blurry appearance; tcilatex.tex; v5.5 freezes? Beamer, subdocuments & ToC; Support Options
16/9/22 Annual Maintenance (private):   v5.5 British English dictionary; SWP to SW? Faulty VM; Buyback scheme
August 2022 SW/P v6 to LaTeX 'glue'; v6 markers (again); v5.5 or v6? SW/P v5.5 on a Mac; SW/P v5.5, TeXLive & Windows 11; v5.5 labels; Numbering v5.5 graphics; New machine?
May 2022 TeXLive 2022; MSI What's New; Windows 11 (again); SW/P v5.5 with TeXLive; v5.5 graphics caption; v5.5 graphics import setting; v5.5 PreviewPDF (again)
29/4/22 Annual Maintenance (private):   Windows server 2022; TeXLive 2022; MSI What's New (error); Nominated Charity
22/2/22 Windows 11; v6 dialogs; v6 document class; Excel2LaTeX; REVTeX with v5.5; v5.5 DVI Preview; \Sigma
January 2022 v6 markers; v6 keyboard shortcuts; v5.5 keyboard shortcuts; Windows emulators; v5.5 graphics formats; SW/P v5.5 fonts; Support Options; Log4j vulnerability
16/12/21 Annual Maintenance (private):   Log4j vulnerability
November 2021 PDF plugin; OneDrive; Keyboard shortcuts (v6.x); Licensing SWP v5.5; Subdocuments; Individual Annual Maintenance; Menu font size; PreviewPDF problem; A free lunch?
29/10/21 Annual Maintenance (private):   Licence server; Connectivity; Administrator rights; Free lunch?
August 2021 Welcome; v5.5 Registration; Natwidth and natheight; Co-authoring – another solution; Reinstalling v5.5; Two-finger scroll
23/7/21 Annual Maintenance (private):   Virtual servers; v5.5 Home use licences; What’s New sidebar
June 2021 Version 6.1; MacKichan Software; TeXLive 2021 (Windows); TeXLive 2021 (Mac); Uninstalling v6.1; Inserting PDF graphics; Reminders
14/6/21 Annual Maintenance (private):   Version 6.1; MacKichan Software changes
May 2021 Co-authoring; Viewer version; Booktabs; Screen colour; Coronavirus Offers; Individual Annual Maintenance; Terms & Conditions
22/3/21 Annual Maintenance (private):   Scientific Word/WorkPlace (v6.0) RLM server; Scientific Word/WorkPlace (v5.5) FlexLM server
12/3/21 12/3/21; 64-bit Mac; Fixed width tables; Learning SW/P; Mailing clarification; Lockdown
19/2/21 Annual Maintenance (private):   Scientific Word/WorkPlace (v6.0) on 64-bit Mac; Live Training
December 2020 Coronavirus update; More right-click? Importing LaTeX; It's Christmas...
November 2020 Problem downloading; v6.0 backup files; 'Forgotten' licence; Coronavirus rescue; Second Law of Thermodynamics; Brexit
21/10/20 Annual Maintenance (private):   Home use licences not arriving (whether v5.5 or v6.0); Migrating v5.5 server
September 2020 New installation instructions; WinEdt; SSL support error; Serial numbers; v5.5 and Windows 10; Past mailings; Our congratulations...
Midsummer's Day 2020 Just a reminder... Where's the icon? Import Non-SWP/SW LaTeX
30th Anniversary 30th Anniversary; TeXLive 2020; Troubleshooting checklist; Invalid security certificate; Special offers! Mathematical problem
29/4/20 Annual Maintenance (private):   TeXLive 2020 installation issue – workaround
April 2020 TeXLive 2020; Adding packages / updating TeXLive; Kaspersky; v6.0 import; Recovering .sci file; Symbols panels; Merging; v5.5 – no PDF; The end of demon
March 2020 We are available! Temporary licensing arrangements
17/3/20 Annual Maintenance (private):   Coronavirus – working from home
4/3/20 Annual Maintenance (private):   Migrating v6.0 server; Increasing v5.5 users; MacKichan's SSL; Tell-tale signs
Leap Year's Day 2020 Installation instructions? v6.0 licence file; Sigma or Summation? v5.5 files on v6.0; Missing Bezos; Licensing v5.5 manually; Changing computers; Windows S
December 2019 Brexit; macOS 10.15 Catalina; Double-click .sci; Right-click; Available symbols; Equation alignment; log file; Google Scholar; Christmas
11/10/19 Annual Maintenance (private):   macOS 10.15 Catalina; Holiday Closure
September 2019 Wrapping text; Current instructions; v5.5 to v6.0; Fair Use Policy; Floating to Fixed; BibTeX problem; Missing Emails; Thomas Cook
19/7/19 Annual Maintenance (private):   12-month 'home use' vs network client licences; v5.5 FlexLM Fact Sheet
June 2019 Version 6.0.30; Read this first; Auto substitutions; v5.5 ToC; Centring equations; Maxima and minima; A Training Day?
17/5/19 Annual Maintenance (private):   SW and SWP servers together; Hostname or FQDN; MathJax CDN
April 2019 Existing MiKTeX; Use any font; Acronis True Image; Version 5.5 repair; v6.0 Word import/export; What's New panel; Incredible News!
28/3/19 Annual Maintenance (private):   Technical issue: problem with Activating Scientific Word/WorkPlace
5/3/19 Annual Maintenance (private):   Technical issue: error message from SSL certificate
February 2019 Past version serial numbers; Calligraphic; Producing HTML pages? Editable .tex files; Installation problem; v6.0 Gmail addresses; Sunrise, sunset
17/12/18 Annual Maintenance (private):   HTML issue on secure sites; Openline slots; Dropbox (again); Alpha and Omega
November 2018 Accents over characters; Dropbox; Manuals? Automatic backups; Spaces in filenames
August 2018 Version 6.0.29; TeX Live Manager; Installation instructions; Beamer bullets; Equation Editor; Live Training
23/7/18 Annual Maintenance (private):   TeXLive 2018; Dropbox; Equation Editor
May 2018 Version 6.0.28; Hold it! Beamer & PowerPoint; v6.0 serial number; GDPR
15/5/18 Annual Maintenance (private):   Firewall causing problems? v5.5 serial numbers for v5.5 systems; TeX Live 2018 issue
February 2018 ListFile fragment; Large operators; Activation; Laplace transforms; Silent mode; Facebook
18/1/18 Annual Maintenance (private):   Holiday Closure; Scientific Word/WorkPlace v6.0 Training videos and Fact Sheet
December 2017 Beamer problem; Promotion! Help us support you; Some v6.0 tips; v5.5 videos (again); Christmas
8/12/17 Annual Maintenance (private):   MiKTeX problem; Openline slots; v6.0 video information
October 2017 Version 6.0.27; Vista errors; Importing tables to v6.0; Firewall problems; Version 5.5/6.0; Found a bug? Version 6.0 Training; v5.5 videos; Holiday Closure
11/9/17 Annual Maintenance (private):   Home use licence installation instructions - CHANGE; Version 6.0.27 details
August 2017 Windows 10 Creators update; You choose; What do you read? Producing Braille; A mathematician? LaTeX isn't for everyone
22/6/17 Annual Maintenance (private):   Windows 10 Creators update warning; on-site visits
May 2017 Version 6.0.26; Version 6.0.25; Kaspersky problem; Creating bibliographies; BibTeX in v6.0; Videos; Uninstalling v6.0; v5.5 Tech. Support; Are you a mathematician?
31/3/17 Annual Maintenance (private):   Uninstalling Scientific Word/WorkPlace; complimentary v6.0 Training videos
February 2017 Version 6.0.24; Version 6.0.23; Version 6.0.22; Master/subdocuments; Still not upgraded? Version 5.5 matrices; Coming soon; English
28/12/16 Annual Maintenance (private):   Toolbars missing; Openline slots; Registering v5.5
December 2016 Version 6.0.21; BibTeX style problem; New videos; Installation locations; Version 6.0 Training; Three part table; Einstein proves Santa is real; Peace and Joy
October 2016 Version 6.0.20; Version 6.0.19; v6.0 Import problem; Landscape page numbers; Right to left; v6.0 co-authors; v5.5 Tech. Support; A new website
22/10/16 Annual Maintenance (private):   v5.5 support ending; on-site visits in London; new website
August 2016 Version 6.0.18; Version 6.0.17; Windows 10; Changing the page layout; Amazon; Cube roots; Split-the-Difference pricing; GoToMyPC
June 2016 Version 6.0.16; TeXLive error; Version 6.0.15; Changing fonts; Brexit pricing; Windows 10; Customising toolbars; What a whopper
22/6/16 Annual Maintenance (private):   Urgent technical note – problem temporarily preventing the successful installation of Scientific Word/WorkPlace, and workaround
14/6/16 Annual Maintenance (private):   WMF2EPS; v6.0.15; Graduate student opportunity
May 2016 Version 6.0.14; Installation Instructions; TikZ; Adding TeXLive packages (v6.0); Holiday Closure
April 2016 Version 6.0.13; Installation Instructions; Feedback; Adding class files to TeXLive; Home use licences; Minitoc package; Licence files (again)
Leap Year's Day 2016 Version 6.0.12; Version 6.0.11; Installation Instructions; Wide-screen Beamer; Mac v6.0; Annual Maintenance; File – Send; Version 5.0; Leap Year
19/2/16 Annual Maintenance (private):   Reportlog/Debuglog; v6.0.11
January 2016 Version 6.0.10; Installation Instructions; Emails not arriving; Windows 10; Version 5.5
4/1/16 Annual Maintenance (private):   RLM Windows service; TeXLive/Windows 10
December 2015 Version 6.0.9; Installation Instructions; PDF preview fails; Adding TeXLive packages; Licence files; Automatic backups; HTML export; GCHQ puzzle; Darkest day
November 2015 Version 6.0.8; Installation instructions; Licence files; Activation dialog
5/11/15 Annual Maintenance (private):   Version 6.0 ports; Silent install; Linux server
October 2015 Version 6.0.7; New installation instructions; Retiring the demon
September 2015 Mac installation; Version 6.0.6; v6.0.5; v6.0.4; Useful links; Most-asked question; Windows 10
19/8/15 Annual Maintenance (private):   Premier Tech. Support and Complimentary Training Course access
24/7/15 Annual Maintenance (private):   Virtual servers and client licence files
Summer 2015 Welcome back; Version 6.0.3; Installation instructions; Updating; Download links; Interruptions; New address
18/7/15 Annual Maintenance (private):   Advance notice
July 2015 Some v6.0.1 bugs; The v6.0.2 bug fixes; Updating to v6.0.2; v6.0.2 download links; PDF and log files; Whitelist our Email
June 2015 Announcing Version 6; Premier users; For all users; Free upgrades; 30-day trials; Installation; Licence Calculator; Training Courses; Losing the demon
April 2015 Version 6.0 requirements; Version 6.0 pricing; Commutative diagrams; FlexLM; Website migration; Maths is forever
February 2015 Version 6.0; LaTeX 2.09; Floating graphic placement; arXiv; Transferring between computers; FlexLM; Ferrero Rocher
December 2014 Last time; Version 6.0; New shell documents; On a related note... Machine-specific; Slashbox; Spell-checking footnotes; Ducks
September 2014 Training videos; Version 6.0; Windows 8; Mysterious problem; Wrapping; Converting \input files; Our USP...
July 2014 Limits of sigma; Tracking changes; FlexLM (again); \noindent; LaTeX Very Short Guide; Radians/degrees; Rubik's cube
April 2014 The enumitem package; Windows 7; Version 6.0; Licence server (again); Graphics to PowerPoint; Stata offer; Rubik's cube?
February 2014 Colour headers; British English dictionary; And also; Version 6.0; Copyright notice; The survey; And in unrelated news...
December 2013 WMF2eps; Setstretch; Surface Pro; User Account Control; Must-have accessory? Graphics resolution; Uninstalling? And a Merry Christmas!
October 2013 Graphics and captions; Version 6.0 screencast; Licence Calculator; Multiple passes; Logarithms; LaTeX; Leftmark; 30-day demo survey
August 2013 Simultaneous equations; Transferring between computers; Accents on characters; Numinsec; Version 6.0; Past mailings; Website
May 2013 How embarrassing; Windows 8; PDF to tex? Short-term licences; Version 6.0; Days remaining; Acrobat X and XI; Our USP
February 2013 A0 posters (again); Licence server update; Fixed or Floating? Calligraphic L; Run as Administrator; Importing other LaTeX files; Holiday Closure; Where are your friends?
12/12/12 Installation folders; A0 posters; Recovering graphics; Training Courses; Co-authoring; A royal baby, and Merry Christmas!
October 2012 Licence server (again); Plotting lines; Multiply sign; Chapters; Competition results; Multiple documents open? McAfee Registry Cleaner
August 2012 Licence server; Importing from Excel; Fantastic service? – competition; Training Courses; Geometry package; Tell your friends...
June 2012 Skype/IE conflict; International Markers; Word import/export; Why Buy Elsewhere? TrueTeX installation problem; Version 6.0 delay – apology
April 2012 Defining functions; Chinese typesetting; Packages disappearing; Lost CDs; Graphs without units; Version 6.0; Even a rocket scientist...
February 2012 Colour and movies; Scaling graphics; Disappearing screen font; System requirements; Other languages; Version 6.0; A quick computation
December 2011 Multiple graphics; Beamer Authors; Missing dialog box; Plot label font; List of packages; Version 6.0; Merry Christmas!
1/11/11 Section numbering depth; New machine; Equation numbering; Creating units; Recovering tables to SW format; Numbering within sections; Previous mailings
July 2011 Two columns; Accents package; Numbered lists not behaving; Files won't open; Calibri font; Bibliography styles; Graphics – no
May 2011 External typesetting specifications; Font sizes; Colour; Surprised? Landscape slide footnotes; Including PDF pages; Graphics
February 2011 Acknowledgements; Spaces in filenames; Yet again – graphics; Page breaks; Type the TeX; Page numbering; Referrals
December 2010 Graphics – again! BibTeX citations; Sans Serif; Short titles in Beamer; Page numbering; Competition winner; VAT rise to 20%; Merry Christmas!
November 2010 Fixing tables in place; Logo in a header; Updating Acrobat; More about .wmf graphics; Line numbering; VAT increase; Please help us...
September 2010 Unnumbered sections; Version 4.0; Ntheorem correction; Notes beneath tables; Indexes; Hyperref package; Make your friends happy!
July 2010 Other languages; Repair utility; Unnumbered Examples; Labels for plots; Version 3.0; Feedback
May 2010 Importing graphics from PowerPoint; Online Gallery of document shells; Numbering lemmas and propositions; Wrapping text around figures; More about the sale we lost!
February 2010 Fitting tables on a page; Download PDF manuals; Numbered list levels; Build 2960; We lost a sale...
December 2009 Adding theorem-like objects; Running on a Mac; Correction to October 2008; Windows 7 XP mode; VAT
November 2009 Compiling .tex files without editing; 64-bit compatibility; Body text size; Previous mailings; Discount voucher expiring; VAT; Referrals
September 2009 Submitting to Journals; Linux, Double spaced footnotes; Midsummer's Day voucher; Zotero; We're still not perfect; Recommending us
Midsummer's Day 2009 10% Discount Voucher
June 2009 Acer computers; Dots in Table of Contents; JabRef; Free typesetting consultation; We're not telepathic!
April 2009 Changing fonts; Acer computers; Numbering Tables and Figures; 75% discount on Training; Free manuals; Recommending us
January 2009 2009 Pricing; Licence-only; Graphics in Subdocuments; Website forms
October 2008 Landscape; Activating new serial number; Training
September 2008 Graphics; LaTeX; Pricing
July 2008 An apology; An assurance; A request; Upgrading to v5.5
May 2008 Beamer; Vista; Finding a document shell
December 2007 Merry Christmas
August 2007 Holiday Closure; Details of LaTeX
December 2006 Christmas greetings
June 2006 Tell a Friend
May 2006 Donald Knuth


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