Support Contracts for Scientific Word/WorkPlace
30 years' Product Experience

Support Contracts

for Scientific Word/WorkPlace

For customers with particular requirements not covered by the various other options for Technical Support we offer the dedicated Support Contract:

  • Provides all the benefits of the Premier Annual Maintenance package
  • Priority response time usually under 2 hours
  • Time available flexibly on demand, generously averaged over any 6 month period to 1/2 day (4 hours) per month
  • Time does not need to be (and usually is not) a half-day taken together
  • Support primarily by Email, with video consultations by arrangement
  • Does not usually require on-site visits, although these take place occasionally for optimum support
  • Retainer £2400 + VAT per month (Educational discount to £1600 + VAT), invoiced annually and payable monthly in arrears or quarterly/annually in advance
  • Contract does not need to start with software purchase
  • Initial 1-year contract; rolling 12-month contract thereafter

Our Unbeatable Expert Technical Support is founded upon Dr Christopher Mabb's personal experience of this family of software over more than 30 years.
Availability of Support Contracts is limited: there are only so many half-days in a month. Contact us here to check availability and eligibility.


Last Updated: 22nd December 2021
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