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Why We Really Are the Best


If you sold high end cars, how would you account for a customer who drove their car for 6 months with a clanking sound that wasn't right – when they knew they could stop by your garage any time for a 10 minute fix... that you were offering free of charge? It just wouldn't happen.
And that's why our customers spend £600 on our software – for a smooth ride and their problems fixed. They know they won't have to take half a day (or worse, half a year) struggling to do things with Scientific Word or Scientific WorkPlace, because we'll show them how in 10 minutes. When you buy Scientific Word/WorkPlace from us, that's the kind of aftercare you'll come to expect from our Unbeatable Expert Technical Support.

  1. The expertise we have is world class: our resident expert has 4 degrees, and 30 years' experience in this family of software alone: if we can't fix your problem – nobody can (and we'll tell you honestly).

  2. We'll respond to your Email within 24 hours – guaranteed! Often much faster. Other software companies can take up to a week to respond to your Tech Support issues. (Actually, so do we for the tiny minority of customers who've been relegated to the naughty step for things like, oh, being seriously bad about not paying their bills! But that's not you.)

  3. This standard Tech Support is included free of charge. We do have a Fair Use policy; but we almost never need to rely on it. And we'll warn you before we do.

So that's our USP. Buy Scientific Word/WorkPlace from us for a smooth ride. And your problems fixed.
Show us another company with that USP, and we'll give you your money back. And refer you to them instead.
Nobody's ever taken us up on this offer. That's because, when it comes to scientific word processing, we're the best in the business. Why not click here for a free 30-day trial of our scientific word processing software, and take this luxury limo out for a spin?
And – for those 30 days – you'll get access to the type of support other drivers can only dream of...


Last Updated: 6th February 2021
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