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Announcing Version 5.5!

Animate, Rotate, Zoom and Fly!

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Features in Version 5.5

Create beautiful,
    typeset PDF presentations using the Beamer Package with Version 5.5 of
    Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word. Support for creating PDF files now combines with Beta support for Beamer so that you can create typeset PDF presentations from your Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word documents. Beamer support provides dynamic transitions and many predefined slide styles to help you create professional-looking presentations, handouts, and transparencies that contain text, mathematics, graphics, and even animations.

Version 5.5 adds the following features to the compatibility, typesetting, and computation capabilities of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook:


You can interact with colleagues more easily and distribute your documents in different formats when you take advantage of new and enhanced export filters in Version 5.


Version 5 provides new typesetting capabilities and many new document shells, some intended for international use.


Complex computational capability makes SWP and SNB indispensable tools.


MacKichan Software Announces the Release of Version 5.5 of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook

Poulsbo, WA, July 28, 2005 – With the release of Version 5.5, MacKichan Software brings a new computational engine, enhanced graphics, and extended LaTeX typesetting capabilities to your workplace.

With the included MuPAD 3.1 computer algebra engine, you can now animate 2D and 3D plots using MuPAD’s VCAM, explore 3D plots with new OpenGL® 3D graphics, label 2D and 3D plots so that the label moves when you rotate or zoom a plot, and create 3D implicit plots. These new computational features are fully documented in a new edition of Doing Mathematics with Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Notebook.

Collaboration is easier in Version 5.5, which includes a new filter for importing documents created directly in LaTeX. As with Version 5.0 of the program, you can share your work with a wider audience. You can create typeset PDF files with Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word, which now include support for pdfTeX. Your PDF files can be viewed on any platform using a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat. Version 5.5 also supports RTF export and improved HTML export.

The addition of many new LaTeX packages extends typesetting capabilities in Version 5.5. A new edition of Typesetting Documents in Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word includes extensive troubleshooting information.

Scientific WorkPlace was chosen a Mathematics Top Products Award Winner for 2004 by the readers of Scientific Computing and Instrumentation magazine.

MacKichan Software, Inc. is a small software development company with a 20-year tradition of fine products for scientific publishing. They develop and distribute Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, Scientific Notebook, and Scientific Viewer. MacKichan Software also distributes MuPAD Pro, developed by SciFace Software, GmbH & Co., KG.


The letter we sent out to our mailing list on 29th. July is below:

We're pleased to write to you again, announcing the release of version 5.5 of the MacKichan family of programs: Scientific Word, Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Notebook. Some of the most exciting new features of this long-anticipated upgrade are as follows:

(Barry MacKichan writes):

In contrast with version 5.0, which concentrated primarily on typesetting features, version 5.5 concentrates on computation features. With the new features in Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Notebook:

  1. You can now animate 2D and 3D plots
  2. You can rotate, move, zoom in and out, and fly through 3D plots with new OpenGL 3D graphics
  3. You can label 2D and 3D plots so that the label moves with the plot when you rotate or zoom
  4. You can create 3D implicit plots
  5. You can export plots in a variety of graphics formats, including animated GIFs and AVI files for animated plots

The new features in Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word include a new preprocessor for reading LaTeX files written by other programs. This preprocessor expands all macros defined by the author or in non-standard package files. The preprocessor removes many of the LaTeX constructs that in the past were rendered as TeX buttons. It should make collaboration between co-authors easier when one uses SW/SWP and the other writes LaTeX by hand.

There is new support for over a dozen new LaTeX packages.

The Typesetting manual has been expanded to include a new troubleshooting section. The Doing Mathematics manual has been extensively rewritten to document the new plotting features. The other manuals have gone through a cycle of revision and corrections.

For those who have ever had to work with LaTeX files produced outside Scientific Word/WorkPlace, the introduction of a proper interface to external .tex files is a significant step forward, and one which is worth the cost of the upgrade on its own.

There have been price increases from MacKichan Software averaging 6%. It is our intention to retain the existing UK pricing if possible, which we shall succeed in doing as long as the pound remains strong against the dollar; please see our Licence Calculator at . We will in any case be supplying complimentary v5.5 upgrades to all those who bought new v5.0 systems – though not upgrades from earlier versions – after 1st. May 2005. A price increase planned for our Training Courses, detailed on our web site at , will be deferred until the New Year.

The projected timing for the UK release is that Version 5.5 stock will arrive here after Monday 8th. August, and UK shipments begin thereafter. These will be despatched in the following order of priority:

  1. Upgrades for users contracted in to the Annual Maintenance Scheme
  2. New system/upgrade orders with payment in advance by cheque or direct credit to our bank account (details at
  3. Complimentary upgrades for v5.0 new systems bought after 1st. May 2005
  4. Other orders for new systems/upgrades

May we suggest the easiest way to place an upgrade order is to complete the Licence Calculator form at (click on "Upgrade" and include your v5.0 Serial Number, leaving the Dictionary option on "No") and print it out. Then submit the order on-line and send payment – either electronically to our bank account, or by cheque with the printout for reference. Cheques will not be banked until systems are despatched.

Please first check our web site at , where you will find a copy of this letter together with any subsequent information as it becomes available. The information we've included in this letter was pre-announced in an Email circulated on July 23rd. If you did not receive that Email, please let us have your Email address for future mailings, some of which are electronic only.

We are including some postcards with our compliments; perhaps we could invite you to use them to introduce your colleagues to the benefits of our software? Think of the two or three friends most in need of producing professional quality technical documents…

Finally, as always – if you no longer wish to remain on our mailing list so as to receive information of updates and new developments, a simple Email or postal reply to this effect will suffice. Those whose MailTill date on the envelope has now passed will be removed from the mailing list automatically; please let us know if you would like to remain on the list.

We hope you have found this announcement helpful, and look forward to hearing from you.


For a free 30-day trial of Scientific Word, Scientific WorkPlace or Scientific Notebook, please click on 30-day trial .

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