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Why You Can Trust Us

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  1. Our experience in the subject area
  2. Our exclusive focus on the MacKichan family of programs.
  3. We've been in business since 1990.

Christopher Mabb's sparkling academic record includes a First Class Honours degree in Maths, an M.Sc. in Mathematical Modelling & Numerical Analysis and a D.Phil. in Ordinary Differential Equations, all from Oxford University. It was to type his doctoral thesis that he became interested in the DOS-based forerunner of Scientific Word – called T3, or T³ – in 1985, and bought his first computer in 1986 (a Zenith XT, 20Mb hard disk, 640k RAM...).

Since then he has spent nearly forty years developing his expertise in typesetting documents containing equations and other mathematical elements. The company Scientific Word Ltd. – after which our original Windows product was named – was incorporated in 1990, and we have been Official Distributors in the UK ever since. Other names have come and gone, but we have unfailingly provided a personalised service to our loyal customer base for over 35 years: we retain the records of every system ever sold, quickly locating missing serial numbers and similar sales-related information.

Our real strength, however, lies in the matchless technical support, combining the understanding of an academic mathematician with our unparalleled knowledge of this scientific word-processing/technical typesetting software as it has developed over the years. Although we only claim to provide a 24 hour turn-around for our standard Email support, the reality is many times better – often turning problems into solutions in a matter of minutes for our international family of users.

Add to that our focus on selling only the MacKichan Software range of programs – and it becomes clear why the leading academic establishments, together with many household names in the City, have all decided they can trust us.

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Last Updated: 29th January 2024
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